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It is said that the hyperopia reserve is important, so what is it?

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:19:09

It is said that the hyperopia reserve is important, so what is it?

After many parents take their children for examination at the Qianlimu Eye Clinic, the doctor will say that the child's vision is normal now, but the reserve of hyperopia is relatively small, and the possibility of myopia is relatively high. Usually, you need to pay more attention to the habits of using your eyes and come back regularly for check-ups. So, what exactly is the farsighted reserve? Hyperopia is when the external parallel light enters the relaxed eye, and the refraction image is focused behind the retina. Hyperopia occurs when the refractive power of the eyeball is insufficient or its axial length is insufficient. Under normal circumstances, the child's eyes are in a state of hyperopia from birth. With the development of the body and eyes, hyperopia gradually develops to emmetropia, which is the process of emmetropia. With age, the degree of farsightedness will gradually decrease. From farsightedness to emmetropia, to myopia, the main factor that changes is the length of the eye axis. The development of the eye axis is too slow and too short to form hyperopia, and the development of the eye axis is too fast and too long to form myopia. In order to better prevent and control myopia, we need to know what the hyperopia reserve of children of different ages is. Under normal circumstances, the eyeball of a newborn is hyperopia, and the average diopter is +2.50~+3.00D. With growth and development, Generally, it develops into emmetropia around the age of 15 (the diopter is between -0.50 and +0.50D). Some children and adolescents have used up their hyperopia reserves before the age of 6, and are very easy to develop myopia in their primary school due to the premature use of the eyes at close distances for a long time. It can be seen that we not only need to control the degree of myopia after children and adolescents are shortsighted, but also do preventive work before they are not nearsighted!

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