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How long is the shelf life of myopia surgery?

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:17:31

How long is the shelf life of myopia surgery?

Can I keep my eyesight after myopia surgery? ■ 1. About the "shelf life" of myopia surgery So far, there is no drug or surgery that can cure myopia. Myopia surgery is only one of the ways to correct myopia. Whether it is laser corneal surgery or lens implantation, it "changes the refractive state of the human eye", rather than completely curing myopia. ● Therefore, in principle, if the patient does not develop good eye habits after surgery, the degree of myopia may deepen again. ■2. Is myopia surgery worth doing? Myopia surgery is recommended for patients over 18 years of age. This is because juveniles are at a critical stage of growth and development, which is manifested in the eyes, that is, myopia deepens rapidly and vision is unstable. If you have myopia surgery at this time, the possibility of myopia again after surgery is relatively high. ● At the same time, the eyeball is a whole. "A problem with any part will affect the visual function." Therefore, before myopia surgery, doctors also need to do a systematic and complete examination of the eyes to check for various eye diseases. Is myopia surgery safe? ■ 1. More than 10 preoperative examinations to protect your eyesight. To get the "admission ticket" for myopia surgery, you need to pass a "professional preoperative examination". ● More than 20 inspection items, which can clearly check the eye condition of the myopic, which is convenient for judging whether the patient meets the surgical requirements, and also helps the doctor to design a targeted surgical plan. ■ 2. High xiao design, the operation can be completed in a few minutes ● For "people with myopia within 1000 degrees", laser surgery can be performed. The principle of laser myopia surgery is to adjust the degree of refraction of the cornea. All operations will only act on the cornea and will not touch other parts of the eye. The operation takes about 10 minutes. ● If your "myopia is more than 1000 degrees", or the cornea is too thin for laser surgery, you can also use ICL lens implantation. Lens implantation is equivalent to implanting an ultra-thin soft lens in your eye, and the entire operation takes about 5 to 10 minutes.

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