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Always feel itchy eyes and want to rub your eyes? may be its problem

Posting time:2022-10-06 02:29:50

Always feel itchy eyes and want to rub your eyes? may be its problem

A parent in the ophthalmology clinic said: The child always rubs his eyes and feels itchy eyes. Some parents think that the bacteria on the children's hands got into the eyes, causing the eyes to become inflamed, and it didn't get better until they repeated it. for evildoing." What is trichiasis? Trichiasis, in layman's terms, is the inversion of the eyelashes, turning the eyeball from outward to inward. Eyelashes not only decorate beautiful eyes, but more importantly, they also undertake the work of shading the eyes and blocking dust. In the process, occasionally some eyelashes grow in the wrong direction and fall to the eyeball, they are called Trichiasis. These inward eyelashes not only fail to protect the eyes, but instead become eye irritants, which can cause damage to the eyeball. Rubbing in the eyeball like a "brush" will cause damage to the conjunctiva and cornea. Can I unplug it myself? It is recommended not to pull out by yourself. If the strength and angle are not well controlled, the cornea will be easily damaged, and even if the eyelashes are pulled out, the new eyelashes may still grow into trichiasis after they grow, not to mention the risk of causing inflammation and infection. What should I do if my eyelashes are long? 1. Continue to observe the soft eyelashes of infants and young children, and the symptoms of corneal irritation are generally not obvious, and with age, some congenital entropion can often disappear on their own. If the child is 3-6 years old and the trichiasis has not disappeared, continue Stimulation of the cornea, consider surgical treatment when conservative treatment fails. 2. Physical removal of a small amount of scattered trichiasis can be relieved by physical removal, but it must be operated by a professional doctor and cannot be removed without authorization. 3. Electrolysis is an important way to treat trichiasis, which can destroy hair follicles and control hair follicle growth. 4. Surgical treatment is considered if accompanied by severe epiblepharoplasty, inversion of the lower eyelid or trichiasis in half to the entire row of eyelashes, and serious friction and damage to the cornea.

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