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Plano Eye-catching Science | Can the vision improve after wearing OK mirrors for sleep?

Posting time:2022-10-06 03:28:10

Plano Eye-catching Science | Can the vision improve after wearing OK mirrors for sleep?

In recent years, whether it is online reports or parent group sharing, there is always an "OK mirror" under the topic of "eye protection". So, is it really as magical as rumored? Can the child's vision recover after wearing it for sleep? Let's talk about it next. What is an OK mirror? OK lenses, also known as orthokeratology lenses, are a method of physically correcting myopia without surgery. It belongs to a kind of rigid gas permeable contact lens, which is similar to contact lenses, but has a harder texture. It is mainly worn at night to flatten the curvature of the middle area of ​​the cornea. Is OK mirror an "IQ tax"? There is no doubt that wearing OK glasses not only saves a lot of inconvenience without wearing frame glasses during the day, but also effectively controls the growth of children's eye axes. The "peripheral defocus" effect produced by the change in the shape of the cornea can keep the retina in a state of forward adjustment, effectively slowing down the growth rate of the eye axis, thereby reducing the deepening of myopia. However, it's not perfect. Once the user stops wearing OK lenses, the cornea will gradually bounce back to its original shape, and the degree of myopia will return to its original state. For example, if it is worn for more than 1 year, the cornea will return to its original state after stopping wearing for 1 month. The length of the recovery process is most related to the total time the user wears the OK glasses. Not only that, but it needs attention when wearing it. Generally speaking, to maintain clear and lasting naked eye vision during the day, OK lenses need to be worn for 8-10 hours. If the wearing time is less than 8 hours, for people with higher degrees and flat corneas, clear vision may not be formed during the day. If you wear OK lenses for too long, more than 12 hours, not only will it not improve your vision, but it may also affect the health of the cornea, such as mild corneal edema due to compression. Is OK mirror suitable for everyone? Please note that a basic examination must be done before wearing OK lenses. 1. Age: under 8 years old, can not wear OK glasses. 2. Optometry: The industry stipulates that the correction range of the OK lens is within 600 degrees, and the astigmatism is within 150 degrees. Patients with myopia and astigmatism beyond the range are not allowed to be fitted. 3. Corneal curvature: According to the curvature of the cornea, choose whether you need a bowl-shaped or disc-shaped OK lens. (Steep corneas require bowl-shaped OK lenses, and flat corneas require disc-shaped OK lenses) 4. Abnormalities in the eyes: Check the layers of tissues in the front and back of the eyeball to observe whether there are eye diseases. Some patients with eye diseases are not suitable for wearing OK lenses. . (For example, dry eye, glaucoma, and high intraocular pressure are not recommended to wear.) Note: The above is just a preliminary judgment on whether you can wear OK lenses. Whether you can choose OK lenses to correct myopia requires going to the hospital for a more detailed examination. At present, the price of an imported OK mirror on the market is about 1W to 1.4W, and the domestic film is about 7K to 8.5K. However, OK lenses are not just a one-time investment, because the natural lifespan of each pair of lenses is about one and a half years. In addition, it is necessary to use rinsing solution, nursing solution, etc., and the annual nursing cost is 2000-3000 yuan . Matters for wearing nursing OK mirror 1. Please cut your nails short before wearing. 2. Wash hands with running water and hand sanitizer, and dry or blow dry. 3. Use the pulp of your fingers or small tweezers to pick up the OK lens, put the lens on your palm, drop 1-2 drops of the care solution, and rub the lens with the pulp of your finger. 4. If the lens is adsorbed on the conjunctiva (white area of ​​the eye) and cannot move, use a suction stick to suck the edge of the lens and gently rotate it to remove it. Do not pull out the lens forcefully with your fingernails or suction stick. 5. If there is a foreign body sensation and tearing during wearing, it is recommended to take off the lens and clean the lens again before wearing it. 6. If you stop wearing in a short period of time, it is recommended to clean the lens first, add protein removal treatment, and then use the multi-functional care solution for soaking and storage. It is recommended to replace the care solution once a week. It is indeed more troublesome to wear OK glasses, not to mention that the child is still young and needs the cooperation of parents and children. It doesn't matter if it is difficult to wear in the initial stage, after many exercises, the movements will be naturally and quickly proficient. In addition, three days, one week, one month, three months after wearing the glasses need to be reviewed, and then every three months! As for the question of "Will your vision improve after wearing it for one night?", it can only be said that wearing it during sleep at night, taking off the lenses in the morning, you can have clear vision throughout the day. However, it does not cure myopia! In addition, Zhu Jianfeng, chief physician of the Prevention and Control Department of the Shanghai Eye Disease Control Center, also said: "Although the OK lens is sought after by the parents of myopic teenagers, it needs to be pointed out that the OK lens does not treat myopia, but only controls the growth of the eye axis and temporarily makes it difficult for them to treat myopia. The degree of myopia decreases, but the eye axis cannot be shortened to cure myopia." There is no magic doctor, no magic weapon, and no magic medicine for myopia prevention and control. The prevention and control plan of each child needs to be determined according to the individual situation. Therefore, parents, please choose carefully according to your own situation and the energy you are willing to spend!

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