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Don't believe the degrees provided by the optical shop, netizens: the optical shop is 400 degrees higher than the hospital

Posting time:2022-10-06 00:53:04

Don't believe the degrees provided by the optical shop, netizens: the optical shop is 400 degrees higher than the hospital

If it hadn't been for a special trip to the hospital for optometry, I wouldn't even know that the optometry in the optical shop is 400 degrees higher than that in the hospital. The thing is like this, the author saw a private message in the background the day before yesterday, the content is that the glasses should be matched in the optical shop or the eye hospital, so the author suggested that it is better to choose a regular hospital. So this little brother went to the hospital to get glasses, and it turned out that the prescription of the optical shop was 400 degrees higher than that of the hospital. His self-reported experience: Don't believe the degree assigned by the optical shop! I really have to go to the hospital for prescription glasses, because I originally planned to wear a new pair of glasses (the original glasses frame has been worn for two years), I want to check an accurate prescription, and then buy it online Box went to the hospital for a check-up and had his pupils dilated. After the inspection, you can't see your mobile phone for 6 hours (you can't see it at close range) (it's better to have someone around you at this time, otherwise you don't know how to navigate home) Focus! : My left eye has been fitted with a height of nearly 400 degrees (optical shop fitting) The doctor said: The difference is too big, too high a degree is not good for the eyes for a long time, easy to get tired, and it is not very comfortable to wear. Comfortable, visible, but more soothing. Summary: You must go to the hospital for glasses and optometry. After the test, you will be given accurate values ​​before you go to the glasses. Personally, I think whether you choose a frame in the hospital or buy your favorite frame online, you must go to the hospital for glasses. Children with pseudo-myopia must go to the hospital to get glasses, otherwise pseudo-myopia will become true myopia. Myopia is a road of no return. There is often this question in the backstage: should glasses be matched with a lower degree or a fuller degree? Some readers said: "When I was wearing glasses before, the optometrist said that the prescription should be lower, otherwise it would increase quickly." In fact, for most people, glasses should be matched, not low. If the degree is not correct enough to correct vision, it will lead to an increase. If the degree is not matched enough, it will cause the eyesight to rise. Especially for astigmatism, many people think that astigmatism can be matched or not, but in fact, astigmatism should be matched, and myopia can be considered as appropriate. Some optometrists, who are in a hurry during optometry, may not be so careful. In the end, although you can see clearly with both eyes, one can see 1. 2, the other can only see 1. 0, and both eyes can see The clarity of what you arrive at is different, and over time, your natural vision will change. There is also the most common situation where the frame is not suitable, that is, the pupil distance and pupil height are incorrect. There are also some people who may be busy at work, staring at the computer for a long time without paying attention to rest. As a result, the visual fatigue is very serious, and the degree naturally increases quickly. So, how to avoid degree rise? If you want to avoid the increase in the degree, you must first match a pair of suitable glasses. Before wearing glasses, it is recommended to go to a regular hospital for a comprehensive visual function and visual inspection. After you have the inspection results, you can decide how to choose glasses according to your actual usage scenario. Back to our question, should we wear glasses lower? My answer is that for most people, it is recommended to have a foot correction, that is, to match a little, not a low.

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