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Do you have "black circles under the eyes of giant pandas"?

Posting time:2023-01-31 13:51:47

Do you have "black circles under the eyes of giant pandas"?

Nowadays, more and more people with dark circles under their eyes are like pandas. It can be said jokingly that they don't need to spend money to go to the zoo to see pandas, they can see them in the mirror. When it comes to our ophthalmology medicine, as early as the last article of Huangdi's "Neijing·Lingshujing" (Da Hu Lun), there is a passage that says "the essence of the five viscera and six fu organs are all on the eyes". Until today, we have It is always believed that the ancestors' cognition and understanding of ophthalmology is better than that of modern ophthalmology. Today's ophthalmologists regard the eye as an independent unit, but they did not think that our eyes are inseparable from the internal organs. In the Tang Dynasty, Mr. Sun Simiao wrote a book The ophthalmology book "Silver Sea Essence" has systematically described eye diseases in that time and space more than a thousand years ago. Later, in the Song Dynasty, there was "Longmu Lun on Ophthalmology" written by Longmushan people, and in the Ming Dynasty There are Mr. Fu Renyu's "Inspecting Yao Letters", and Mr. Wu Qian's "Ophthalmology Heart Method" in the Qing Dynasty. Works such as these are all precious documents. Early Western medicine has not yet developed, and traditional Chinese medicine has surgery. Taiwan In the early days, there were doctors specializing in eye examinations, such as Zhang Qixian, and a surnamed Bai, many patients would come here. The first reason for the formation of dark circles must be related to sleep. As long as we stay up late, our eye sockets will have serious melanin precipitation, so in fact, dark circles refer to pigmentation. In addition, it is also absolutely related to diet. As soon as blood vessels, muscles and nerves encounter cold food, they will immediately contract and spasm, resulting in the inability of normal metabolism of waste in the body, so they are deposited in the upper and lower eye cells, causing dark circles. If you go to bed late, you must adjust your sleep time. If it exceeds 11 o’clock, you will go to bed late. If it is caused by poor sleep quality, insomnia and other sleep disorders, you should try to improve your sleep condition. The liver and gallbladder are in charge of any pigment changes in the human body. In other internal medicine literatures, it is mentioned that the liver controls the five colors, green, red, yellow, white and black, so we can consider adding some medicines for promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis with the prescription for adjusting liver blood, or choosing Chixiaodou Angelica Powder. Can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, Nepeta Xin Wen Sheng San, and platycodon grandiflorum are also indispensable. In addition, because the upper and lower eyelids are managed by the spleen and stomach, it is advisable to add some medicines that strengthen the spleen and stomach, such as Codonopsis, Coix seed, Chinese yam, etc. In a week or two, the pigmentation will fade.

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