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Are your eyes blurry? In addition to myopia, these 4 major incentives, please check more

Posting time:2022-12-03 11:02:22

Are your eyes blurry? In addition to myopia, these 4 major incentives, please check more

The eyes are the windows to the soul. Daily use of the eyes should pay attention to proper methods, do not overwork the eyes, and actively prevent diseases, so that the vision will be normal. But some people's eyes gradually can't see things clearly, and the first reaction is myopia. Of course, this is the case with myopia, but a variety of other factors can also lead to decreased vision, which cannot be ignored. Only by finding out the specific reasons and improving it through correct methods can normal eye function be restored.

1. Fatigued eyes

to see things blurry, or it may be due to excessive eye fatigue Especially when working on the computer screen for a long time, the dazzling light of the screen will have an impact, and the eyes will not be properly rested, which will make them overtired, resulting in dizziness. Some people read books and play with mobile phones for too long, which will overdraw their eyes and make them overworked. In the state of fatigue, the eyes will be dry and uncomfortable, and even cannot see things clearly and cry. In this case, you should take a good rest, and adjust by doing eye exercises, closing your eyes, looking into the distance, etc., the fatigue is improved, and the performance of seeing things clearly will be relieved.

2. Retinopathy

The inability to see things in the eyes may also be caused by the progressive development of diabetes. Diabetes is a type of chronic disease, which has a wide range of effects. Not only does high blood sugar cause adverse symptoms, but also when the indicators are not stably controlled, the blood vessels in the eyes are accelerated after the disease is aggravated, neuropathy, and serious complications. Among them, retinopathy is relatively common. During the development process, the retina is continuously damaged due to the high-glucose environment. After the function is reduced, the eyes cannot be kept healthy. Many patients will show that the eyes cannot see things clearly and are dry and fatigued. Diabetes needs to be treated with attention to eye protection.

3. Hypertension

Hypertension is a common chronic disease, and only stable control of blood pressure can reduce harm. However, many people's indicators are not well controlled. After the disease continues to aggravate, it will cause damage to the blood vessels. In severe cases, it will lead to retinal arteriosclerosis, and there will be symptoms such as exudation, hemorrhage, and edema. As the disease progresses, more and more exudate accumulates in the retina, which can cause visual disturbances. Therefore, many hypertensive patients have ocular disease invasion, and the symptoms are blurred vision. As one of the complications of hypertension, do not simply think it is myopia, but also understand the cause according to your own blood pressure changes. If high blood pressure causes harm, it should be properly treated.

4. Lack of vitamins

The nutrients that the human body needs to meet the needs to maintain health, and the daily diet with a reasonable mix of meat and vegetables, provides a variety of vitamins, naturally away from diseases . However, many people are simply vegetarian in order to control their weight, or their personal eating habits are inappropriate and often picky eaters and partial eclipses, which may lead to a lack of important vitamins. The lack of vitamin A to meet the needs will lead to night blindness. Others have dry eyes and blurry vision, which is also related to the lack of this substance. Vitamins are involved in metabolism, growth and development, and they need to be obtained in sufficient quantities. They can be adjusted by ingesting foods rich in vitamin A to protect the eyes.

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