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Shilijia: What are the causes of myopia?

Posting time:2022-12-03 04:23:09

Shilijia: What are the causes of myopia?

Myopia is becoming more and more common in life. Many children have started wearing glasses since childhood, and many parents have wondered why children are so prone to myopia and what are the causes of myopia? Many parents also want to know this problem, and then help their children prevent myopia, so let's learn about it with Shilijia. 1. Congenital hereditary myopia Congenital hereditary myopia is also the cause of myopia in many children. With the deepening of myopia, if one of the parents has high myopia, the probability of the child suffering from congenital myopia is about 50%. If the parents have high myopia Both parties have a high degree of myopia, so the probability of the child suffering from congenital myopia is more than 90%, and when the parents have myopia, the child also has the probability of congenital myopia, but it is relatively low, which is also one of the reasons for the child's myopia One, so myopia is not just an individual problem, it can also affect future generations. 2. Bad Eye Habits Bad eye habits are actually the most common problem causing myopia nowadays. Many children have bad eye habits. For example, many children often use mobile phones, but when they use mobile phones, they often do not pay attention to the distance and time of eye use, which will lead to eye fatigue, and in the long run, it is easy to cause ciliary muscle spasm and false appearance. Myopia, and the existence of pseudo-myopia, will habitually produce some bad far-seeing habits, which will lead to the occurrence or development of myopia. There are also things such as when children study daily, pay attention to a good sitting posture, avoid being too close to books, and pay attention to the light conditions of daily eyes. Too bright and too dim eye environments will easily lead to our eyes being more prone to fatigue, so keep A good eye environment also requires attention. In addition, when using our eyes daily, we also need to pay attention to maintaining a certain frequency of rest and increase the time for outdoor activities every day. Long-term use of the eyes indoors is also easy to cause eye fatigue. Through outdoor activities with suitable lighting, we can relax our eyes to a certain extent and avoid eye fatigue. In fact, in general, the genetic factors of children's myopia are only a relatively small part, and most children's myopia is mainly caused by our daily poor eye habits. Especially now, many parents habitually give their children mobile phones when they take their children, and children often do not have certain self-control ability, so it is easy to lead to the occurrence of myopia in children.

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