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To keep children away from myopia, parents must do these things

Posting time:2023-01-31 14:29:11

To keep children away from myopia, parents must do these things

Nowadays, which parent does not want their child to have a pair of healthy and bright eyes, if the eyesight has problems, it will not only bring trouble to the child's life, but also affect the child's learning and personality. However, the situation of myopia among children and adolescents in our country is very serious. According to relevant statistics, there are currently 700 million people with myopia in my country, and students account for the vast majority. There are many reasons for children's myopia, such as parents' genetics, children's unreasonable eye use, and parents' delay, resulting in more and more serious children's myopia. In fact, myopia can also be prevented. If you want your child to have good eyesight, parents should do these 6 things. 1. Pay attention to children's eye health at any time Many children may not realize that their eyes have problems because of their young age. Therefore, parents should always pay attention to their children's eye health in their daily life. For example, when a child is doing homework or watching TV, if he finds that he has behaviors such as squinting, rubbing his eyes, tilting his head, etc., then we must be more vigilant and take the child for inspection in time. 2. Develop a good habit of caring for the eyes. Parents should lead by example and help their children develop good eye-care habits. Pay attention to eye hygiene and do not rub your eyes directly with your hands. 3. Control the length of time you use your eyes to avoid eye fatigue. Children, like adults, like to watch TV and play with mobile phones. Many children will stare at the electronic screen for a long time in their spare time, which can easily lead to eye fatigue and thus affect their eyesight. Therefore, parents should strictly control the time their children watch TV and play with mobile phones, and remind their children to take a reasonable rest and relax after using their eyes. 4. Regular eye examinations and establishment of visual development files Even if the child does not have eye problems, parents should regularly take their children for comprehensive eye examinations and establish visual development files to facilitate protection in advance, because in many cases, eye disease Or the symptoms of vision problems are not obvious and can only be confirmed by an eye exam, so it is very important to take your child for eye exams regularly. 5. Pay attention to a balanced diet. Pay attention to a balanced diet in daily life to ensure that children can get enough nutrition. Adequate nutrition plays a very important role in eye health, especially vitamins A, C and E, zinc, lutein, corn Xanthin and omega-3 fatty acids ensure that children have adequate nutrition. 6. Ensure enough outdoor sports, often take children to play outdoors, and watch less electronic screens, which is of great help to children's eyesight. Because outdoor sports can relieve eye fatigue, it can greatly reduce the possibility of myopia, but it should be noted that sun protection and ultraviolet radiation should also be done outdoors.

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