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When you opt for glasses, they do it that you've been fooled

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:38:05

When you opt for glasses, they do it that you've been fooled

my country is a big country with myopia, with a myopia population of 600 million (2020 Myopia Prevention and Control Big Data Report). According to relevant statistics, more than half of the people are probably not equipped with suitable glasses. Do you want to know why? Reason 1: The computer optometry process is not professional; now there are more and more optometry centers, according to the optometry process of optometry institutions, look at the basic vision chart, and then the optometrist records the degree, comprehensive optometry on the computer, the entire optometry front The process is completed in this way. After that, the optometrist will wear glasses and choose glasses with an approximate degree. It is very irresponsible and inaccurate to operate such a process! Computer optometry is a very basic data, and sometimes because the patient has not adjusted the state or the eyes are in a state of visual fatigue, these will affect the data of the glasses. Many people think that optometry is such a process, but such optometry and glasses will only increase the degree! For correct optometry, you must have multiple optometry, take the average value, and only after subjective optometry can determine the appropriate degree, some children may have severe astigmatism, and more accurate data is needed, in short, 3-5 minutes. The optometry process must be an irresponsible way of fitting glasses. Reason 2: Find professional people to do professional things! I want to declare here that it is a very correct idea to wear glasses in the optometry department of a regular hospital. However, you must not believe the optometry center outsourced under the banner of a hospital. Most of the professional ophthalmic hospitals are now equipped with professional optometry glasses. Optometry center, don't worry about optometry fees, it is more important to have a precise pair of glasses! Reason 3: Dispensing glasses according to the original degree; when some children go to get glasses, they feel that their old glasses are still in the original degree, so they are directly equipped with glasses according to the original degree. This is actually wrong, and it is very likely to deepen myopia. Because you may just be accustomed to wearing those glasses, it does not mean that the degree is accurate and in line with your current situation. If privacy loses an opportunity for accurate glasses, then you will not get the best visual examination. It is really irresponsible if the people in the optometry center will give you glasses according to the original words. You should ask you the reason for changing the degree and change the glasses and re-optometry to make sure that your new glasses are in line with your current visual situation. . Reason 4: Low-degree astigmatism does not need to be matched! This is completely wrong. Some stores are very taboo about "adding astigmatism", and even some people will take the initiative to ask for no astigmatism. It is very unreasonable to say that for the store, it is more trouble-free and cost-effective, but for the patient himself, this will make the patient more unable to focus, the object will always be unclear, and the astigmatism will never be corrected. Reason 5: Glasses are uncomfortable because they are not suitable, just wear more! This should be a word often heard by patients who wear glasses. The correct way is that if the glasses are still uncomfortable after two weeks, then it is very likely to be a problem with the glasses. Don't force yourself to adapt. If things go on like this, our eyes will Your tolerance and adaptability will cause great harm. If you have obvious discomfort, you must speak out boldly. This is your responsibility. Some netizens said that the urban routines are deep, and I have stepped on all the pits, so what about you? How many of the thunders above have you stepped on?

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