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Dry eyes after playing mobile phone for a long time?

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:56:14

Dry eyes after playing mobile phone for a long time?

In modern society, there are a group of office workers who often need to stare at their mobile phones and computers. There are also mobile phone controls who stay up late every day because they can’t put down their mobile phones. There are also some beauty lovers who do not use them in a standardized manner and do not control the wearing time of contact lenses. Dry eye syndrome is easy to occur in them. Dry eye symptoms are generally dry eyes, fear of strong light, and tears in the wind. Once suffering from dry eye syndrome, it is more difficult to cure, it is necessary to improve living habits, and severe patients may need to cooperate with doctors for some targeted treatment. 1. Blink more often. Many people look at the computer or mobile phone for several hours in a row. At this time, the eyes are in a state of high tension, the number of blinks will be reduced, and the tears will evaporate faster. The eyeball becomes dry without the protection of tears, and it is easy to get dry eye. Therefore, whether you are reading a book or looking at electronic products such as mobile phones and computers, you must consciously blink more, or take a break every hour. You can look into the distance, or just close your eyes and rest. 2. Pay attention to eye hygiene. Here, try not to rub your eyes with your hands, because your hands are often contaminated with a lot of bacteria. At this time, rubbing your eyes with your hands can easily cause eye infections, resulting in keratitis, conjunctivitis and other eye diseases. When entering and leaving public places, pay attention to washing hands frequently. 3 Wearing less contact lenses Contact lenses are indeed very convenient, and now there are contact lenses with very high oxygen permeability, but wearing contact lenses for a long time will still cause the eyes to lack oxygen and water. Therefore, if you need to wear contact lenses, please use them under the guidance of a doctor, and pay attention to the time of wearing them every day. Try to switch to frame glasses when not necessary. 4 Use a humidifier If you are in a dry area in the north or in the dry seasons of autumn and winter, you can try to use a humidifier. Because tears evaporate more easily in dry conditions, it is important to maintain environmental humidity. In addition, the same effect can be achieved by steaming the eyes or applying heat, but be careful not to burn your eyes. 5. Eat more foods rich in vitamins Various nutrients in food are good for the eyes, and a balanced intake of various vitamins is an important guarantee for eye health. So eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as animal offal, which are rich in vitamins and protein. Vitamin A has a certain effect on improving dry eye symptoms. Carrots, animal livers, soy products and eggs are rich in vitamin A, which can be added to three meals a day. 6. Proper use of artificial tears If you feel that your eyes are very dry, artificial tears are a better way to relieve it, but you should not rely too much on it. Long-term use of artificial tears may affect tear film stability and exacerbate dry eye symptoms. Of course, if you adjust your living habits, dry eye symptoms are still very serious. You can also go to the hospital to seek help from an ophthalmologist. Targeted treatment of dry eye syndrome is carried out by means of traditional Chinese medicine atomization, hot compress, meibomian gland massage, and eye cleaning and nursing in dry eye spa.

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