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These 3 abnormal manifestations, you may be potassium deficient, eat more of these 3 kinds of food to supplement

Posting time:2022-12-03 07:16:33

These 3 abnormal manifestations, you may be potassium deficient, eat more of these 3 kinds of food to supplement

In order to maintain health, we should pay attention to the supply of nutrients, whether it is trace elements, vitamins or proteins, they all play an important role in the human body and have corresponding functions. Once certain substances are deficient, malnutrition will reduce resistance and even cause diseases. Some people do not take potassium deficiency for a long time as one thing, and there will be many subsequent reactions. To understand which changes are related to the deficiency of this substance, if you have it yourself, it is better to supplement it as soon as possible. What happens to potassium deficiency?

1. Constipation and bloating

Potassium deficiency, many systems and organs of the body will be implicated, many people have poor digestion, and This material is in short supply. Absorption disorders or inappropriate dietary methods will lead to insufficient potassium intake, thereby affecting the ability of intestinal peristalsis. Slow peristalsis and increased difficulty in defecation may lead to constipation. Of course, those with mild potassium deficiency may experience bloating, nausea, and loss of appetite, while severe potassium deficiency may lead to paralytic ileus. To protect the digestive system, potassium should be properly supplemented.

2. Muscle weakness

Usually exercise properly and maintain a healthy state, the muscles are relatively strong, and the whole body is very strong. However, if potassium deficiency persists, or even hypokalemia, the neuromuscular system will function abnormally, and the common features are muscle weakness and paroxysmal flaccid paralysis. Due to the lack of nutrients, the degree of muscle excitement is reduced, so there will be corresponding symptoms. In severe cases, even the respiratory muscles will be implicated, resulting in dyspnea and numbness of the limbs. These conditions should not be taken lightly, and should be checked and treated as soon as possible.

3. Abnormal heart rate

Under the influence of potassium deficiency, many patients have abnormal cardiovascular system function, which will lead to reduced myocardial irritability and various A variety of conduction block and arrhythmia, patients with mild symptoms show sinus tachycardia, severe ventricular tachycardia, and even death. In order to avoid these adverse consequences, potassium should be obtained in sufficient amounts to protect the heart and maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. What foods can you eat to supplement potassium? There are many ways to supplement potassium. In addition to the effect of drugs to meet the body's needs for potassium, it can also start from the diet. Many types of food in life provide rich nutrients, and potassium can also be provided to promote health. The more representative ones are bananas, kelp and various legumes. Should pay attention to the balanced nutrition of the diet, the meat and vegetables are properly matched, and do not be picky or partial for a long time, so as to avoid certain nutrient deficiencies causing diseases. Of course, if there has been a serious lack of disease, it is better to go to the hospital for treatment.

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