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Are "condoms" really safe? These 2 side effects, men and women should not be ashamed to understand

Posting time:2022-10-06 02:59:56

Are "condoms" really safe? These 2 side effects, men and women should not be ashamed to understand

Condoms are daily necessities, in addition to effectively preventing unwanted pregnancy, they can also prevent a variety of diseases. Because men and women are in close contact with each other during sexual life, if one party carries germs, it is easy to cross-infect and make the other party sick. Therefore, condom use is used to reduce the prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases and other infectious diseases. Among them, AIDS, syphilis , hepatitis B, etc. can reduce the risk of disease. As for whether it is really safe to use condoms regularly, you need to know more about it. Many people have asked, is it really safe to use condoms regularly? In fact, if you don't have allergies to condoms, the benefits far outweigh the disadvantages if you use them correctly. Because condoms can not only prevent pregnancy, but also can effectively prevent diseases. As a safety guarantee, the contraceptive rate of using condoms is as high as 90%. However, it must be based on the premise of qualified products and correct use. In addition, the use of condoms can also reduce the growth of bacteria and reduce the risk of disease transmission, which can be described as a lot of benefits. There may be 2 "side effects", male and female ignore

1, contraceptive failure

There are some negative effects of condom use that cannot be ignored, You should understand, but don't think condoms are necessarily safe. According to the current research, the rational use of condoms, although the effect of contraception is good, the success rate is more than 90%, but there are still a small number of people who use condoms to get pregnant unexpectedly. In the opinion of most people, condoms are 100% effective contraception after use, but a few people use inappropriate methods during use, do not use them in a standardized way, and the size of condoms is not suitable, which will reduce the success rate of contraception. Unintended pregnancy is still possible.

2. Rubber allergy

At present, the main materials of condoms on the market are polyurethane and natural rubber. Natural rubber is widely used and relatively cheap, but has the largest The disadvantage is that many people are allergic to rubber, and they may have allergic reactions when using condoms made of natural rubber. Skin ulceration, erosion. When women are allergic to natural rubber, the local skin will have burning, itching, and even edema and increased leucorrhea, which are the disadvantages of allergies. Based on the above analysis, it can be seen that the correct use of condoms and the purchase of quality-assured condoms can be natural and effective contraceptives, and at the same time reduce the risk of a variety of infectious diseases. However, it is necessary to know clearly about the use of condoms. The reason why many people fail to prevent contraception still allow certain diseases to invade, because the condom is used in the wrong way. Of course, it is best to test the skin before use to find out if you are allergic to natural rubber. If you are allergic, you should choose condoms made of other materials.

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