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Why do men yearn for "intercourse"? Without these 4 reasons, women need not be afraid

Posting time:2022-10-06 01:31:56

Why do men yearn for "intercourse"? Without these 4 reasons, women need not be afraid

Both men and women will have sexual impulses. After marriage, they will have a reasonable sex life, and their feelings will become more and more harmonious, which is conducive to family harmony. Of course, the frequency of sex life should be well controlled. You can’t live asexual life for a long time, and you can’t have frequent intercourse because of the constant sexual urge. These two extreme situations will bring negative effects. control frequency. In addition, some men are eager to have a married life. What's the matter?

1. Hormones play a role

As the saying goes, men are animals that think about the lower body. Many people think that men are far from longing for married life. Stronger than women, in fact, men and women are the same. And men's desire to have sex is related to physiological factors, and the generation of sexual impulses is related to hormone levels. Usually after being stimulated by the outside world, there is a large amount of hormone secretion, which will make men have sexual impulses and have great desires. When this desire is not satisfied, this desire will become stronger and stronger, so it gives the impression that men are eager to marry. Life. But as long as the sex is correct and the frequency is well controlled, you will no longer be overly craving after being naturally satisfied.

2. Release stress

Men are eager to have sex, possibly to release stress. Men not only have to face the pressure brought by work, but also all kinds of thorny problems in life, which will make men feel breathless, and in a high-pressure environment, many men want to divert their attention through sexual life, so as to save their lives. The pressure is released. Of course, after getting sexual satisfaction, the body secretes dopamine, which can also keep you happy, which is an effective way to regulate your body.

3. Pornographic films stimulate

men's desire for sex, which may be due to exposure to too many pornographic books and videos. Under the influence of sexual stimulation, many men can so eager. But for the sake of physical and mental health, men should focus on other things, and don't pay too much attention to these pornographic videos, books and periodicals that will bring stimulation, otherwise in addition to the desire for married life, it is easy to cause physical harm due to excessive masturbation. Decreased resistance and lack of energy in many people are related to this behavior.

4. Disease prevention

Men are eager to have a married life because they can have fun through intercourse and reduce the incidence of various diseases to a certain extent. Reasonable sex life, compared with men who abstain from sex for a long time and have no married life, have a lower probability of prostate disease, because it can allow men to regularly discharge sperm, and release the pressure at the same time. Of course, in the process of sexual life, you feel pleasure and secrete dopamine, which is helpful for people's heart rate and blood pressure regulation. Intercourse is equivalent to high-intensity aerobic exercise, which can reduce the prevalence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

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