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Urine appears in these 5 colors, be careful! may portend different health conditions

Posting time:2022-10-06 00:56:06

Urine appears in these 5 colors, be careful! may portend different health conditions

To understand how healthy a person is, there are many variations. Some people's digestive system function is reduced, manifested as abdominal pain, diarrhea, loss of appetite. Some people develop liver lesions, chlorosis of the skin, pain in the liver area, and fatigue. These are the characteristics of the disease. Those who pay attention are not difficult to find, and they can find the disease early and deal with it as soon as possible. In addition, a person's urine color changes can also understand the health level, and some urine color is a disease signal.

1, such as brown urine

to add enough water, through continuous circulation and metabolism, harmful substances will be removed by urination, excess The water is excreted, the urine of normal people is clear and transparent, lack of water supply, the urine is pale yellow, but it can be improved after drinking water. If you find yourself with brown urine, don't be careless. The color of the urine is obviously yellow, which does not rule out the development of liver disease. The liver is damaged, the cells are degenerated and necrotic, and a lot of bilirubin is released into the blood. Under the influence of jaundice, the skin turns yellow, the eyes and sclera are yellow, and even the color of the urine changes.

2. Soy sauce-colored urine

If soy sauce-colored urine appears, relevant examinations should be carried out immediately. Soy sauce-colored urine is usually related to a large number of red blood cells being damaged. Many people have jaundice hepatitis, acute nephritis, and these conditions can cause urine color changes. In addition, the kidneys are severely damaged, and excessive exercise can cause muscle dissolution, and there will also be soy sauce-colored urine. It is necessary to identify the specific incentives and take reasonable improvement measures.

3. Milky white urine

The urine excreted by some people is milky white, which is an abnormal feature. Milky-white clots in the urine, similar in color to milk, are related to bad habits. Among them, a large amount of high-fat food is consumed, and the body is overdrawn and in a state of continuous fatigue, which will lead to such adverse consequences. It is necessary to adjust the diet and work rest to improve. . If there is no relief for a long time, also suspect lymphatic obstruction.

4. Rice-washed urine

If you find that your urine is similar to rice-washed water, with turbid features, and even flocculent floaters, you should suspect the urinary system Diseases, including kidney abscess, urethritis, prostatitis and other development will have related characteristics, unable to maintain normal urination performance, in addition to color changes, some people have painful urination, frequent urination, urgency, all are warnings of disease. If there is no targeted treatment, it will get worse and worse.

5. Hematuria is visible to the naked eye

Many diseases can cause hematuria, an increase in the number of red blood cells in the urine, and the blood is mixed with the urine after loss, usually The color will change, and it will no longer remain clear and transparent, but there will be blood in the urine that is visible to the naked eye. If this abnormality is found, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible, because hematuria does not rule out the development of bladder stones, bladder tumors, severe kidney disease, or urethral injury.

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