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Does Blind Exercise Harm Your Kidneys? In these 3 cases, physical exercise should not be carried out

Posting time:2023-01-28 04:37:58

Does Blind Exercise Harm Your Kidneys? In these 3 cases, physical exercise should not be carried out

Although exercise is a good way to promote health, it can enhance physical fitness, maintain good circulation and metabolism, and also assist in weight control, but it is necessary to exercise when conditions are met. Some people exercise blindly, and even lead to muscle dissolution, soy sauce-colored urine or kidney damage. Therefore, unreasonable exercise should be avoided.

1. People who exercise outdoors in hot weather

can see many benefits, but if the body is not suitable Going down and exercising at will, but the gains outweigh the losses. For example, it is not suitable to exercise outdoors under high temperature conditions. In the hot summer, the outdoor temperature is high in July and August, and the temperature in some areas reaches above 35 degrees Celsius. If you still go outdoors at this time, the strong sunlight and the high ambient temperature will cause you to sweat a lot in a short time in this state, there is a risk of dehydration, and you will feel uncomfortable after exercising for a while. Due to the influence of environmental factors, many people will still suffer from heat stroke, and severe heat stroke will threaten life and health. It is necessary to exercise when the temperature is suitable.

2. Sudden high-intensity exercise without exercising at ordinary times

Exercise is a kind of knowledge, and you need to master the method to strengthen your body through exercise. Some people were originally in poor condition and looked thin and thin. After learning about the benefits of exercise, they made up their minds to work hard, but did not control the intensity. When they had never exercised before, they suddenly started exercising with high intensity, which is also harmful to the body. . The reason why many people have muscle dissolution, soy sauce-colored urine, and subsequent damage to the kidneys, is also because the exercise intensity is too high. In this state, the blood required by the heart and digestive system cannot be provided in time, resulting in adverse reactions. After exercising, you may feel dizzy, have obvious discomfort in the chest, and some people vomit, all because the exercise is too intense.

3. Exercise when you have a cold

Cold is a common disease. If you don’t pay attention to keeping warm and your body’s resistance is weak, it is easy for a cold to invade and cause various adverse effects. symptom. During a cold, many people are relatively weak and will experience symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness, coughing, fever, and sneezing. At this time, they should rest well and relieve the symptoms of colds by taking reasonable medication, adding more water, and obtaining nutrients. If you still go to exercise blindly at this time, and want to strengthen your physique to deal with a cold by exercising, you may overdraw your body, resulting in aggravation of the disease and obvious discomfort. You need to be in a healthy state to exercise. Except when you have a cold, you should not exercise. There are other serious diseases that are developing and should be strictly prohibited if you are not suitable for exercise. It can be seen that although exercise is helpful to health, many preconditions should be met. Do not exercise at will in any of the above situations. In addition, it is the right way to warm up before exercising, choose appropriate sports according to your ability to exercise, and persevere.

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