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The appearance of these 4 kinds of manifestations may be a sign of thrombosis, and you can detect it early if you are careful.

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The appearance of these 4 kinds of manifestations may be a sign of thrombosis, and you can detect it early if you are careful.

Disease invasion is not without a trace, many signals will emerge quietly. Those who observe carefully can detect it early, and at the same time, be alert and take reasonable improvement measures, which will naturally eliminate the hidden danger of disease. More and more people have thickened blood, excess cholesterol, triglyceride levels, and possibly blood clots in the walls of blood vessels. If you have it yourself, you should adjust it as soon as possible.

1. Numbness in the limbs

Changes in the body are likely to be warnings of disease. Some people have repeated numbness in the limbs. No pressure but always numbness, most likely caused by thick blood. The body is constantly undergoing circulation and metabolism, and various nutrients in the blood and blood vessels can be delivered to the tissues and organs in need at the first time, thus ensuring the relaxation of the whole body. But if the blood is thick, the flow slows down, and the amount of blood supplied to the end of the extremity decreases, and tingling of the extremity is common after the impact. In this case, it is necessary to adjust blood lipids in time and eliminate blood clots in order to restore the indicators to normal and protect the blood vessels at the same time.

2. Chest tightness and discomfort

There is always a feeling of chest tightness and discomfort. In addition to suspecting the organic disease of the heart itself, it is also necessary to judge whether the thrombosis is coming. Many people are overweight, lack of exercise, and usually smoke and drink alcohol. These conditions will become an accelerator for the arrival of blood clots. The blood is thick and bad cholesterol keeps accumulating, and finally these thrombi accumulate in the blood vessel wall and fall off. Once they occur in the blood vessels around the heart, it will affect the blood supply to the heart. Symptoms such as chest tightness and angina pectoris will appear in the ischemic state. If this situation is not cooperated with treatment, subsequent myocardial infarction may occur.

3. Dizziness and headache

When the thrombus arrives, many people will feel uncomfortable in the head. There are many blood vessels and nerves in the head, which are intricate and require Take good care of yourself, and by adhering to a good lifestyle, make the blood vessels smooth and elastic, in order to provide blood all the time. However, many people are developing chronic diseases, and they ignore the symptoms of obesity, which may increase the hidden danger of blood vessel blockage. Once the thrombus appears, the local circulation will be blocked, cerebral ischemia, hypoxia, dizziness, headache and other symptoms may be obvious. And most people treat dizziness and headache as a common problem, which is easy to be confused with other diseases.

4. Decreased language ability

In the process of speaking, it is unclear and unable to express normally, which is one of the warnings of the disease. A healthy person's language nerve center functions normally and naturally, communicates smoothly with others, communicates without obstacles, and can express clearly. However, if a thrombus occurs, the blood vessels just in the brain block it, and the subsequent brain blood cannot be supplied normally, which will affect the function of the language nerve center. The emergency is a decline in language ability, and the patient will speak slurred and cannot express normally.

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