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Regarding the problem of astigmatism in children, parents must rest assured about these things

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:08:00

Regarding the problem of astigmatism in children, parents must rest assured about these things

Many people don’t know much about astigmatism. Shilijia will first show you why children have astigmatism. The main reason is that improper use of the eyes leads to different refractive powers in different parts of the lens, so blurring and ghosting appear when viewing objects. If a child has astigmatism in his eyes, he will inadvertently narrow his eyes, which will increase the pressure on the eyeball in the long run and make the eye problem more serious. Nowadays, many children like to play with mobile phones for a long time since childhood, which is very detrimental to eye health. Parents must supervise, help children develop good eye habits, and take care of children's eye health. What harm does astigmatism bring to children? 1. It is easy to increase eye fatigue. In order to see clearly, children with astigmatism usually adopt torticollis, squinting and other methods to adjust their vision, which will make the eyes in a state of tension for a long time, accelerate eye fatigue, and have sore eyes, etc. Happening. 2. If there is astigmatism in the eyes, the edges of objects in the field of vision will become blurred, and ghost images are prone to appear. If no corrective measures are taken, the vision will continue to decline, affecting the child's normal life. 3. Affect the image After the child's eyes have astigmatism, the sitting posture and vision will change, especially the behavior of squinting and stretching the neck, which will also affect the overall image. Astigmatism is very harmful to children. Parents must take precautions. Specifically, they can start from these aspects. 1. Pay attention to the child's eye hygiene. Let the child develop good hygiene habits. Do not rub your eyes directly with your hands to avoid bacterial infection of the eyeballs on your hands, and keep your children away from some chemicals and sharp objects, so as not to hurt the child during contact. Eye. 2. Control the time of using electronic products Nowadays, electronic products are inseparable from life. Parents should control the time that children use mobile phones and watch TV to avoid eye fatigue caused by long-term use of the eyes. 3. Develop the correct sitting posture Correct sitting posture is the premise of maintaining good vision. If the child's sitting posture is always crooked and twisted, then the vision of the eyeball is uneven, and symptoms of astigmatism and myopia are prone to occur. 4. More outdoor activities Many children stay in the room to do their homework after school, and stay at home on weekends without going out, which will also affect the children's eyesight. Parents should often take their children to relax outdoors, not only to exercise, but also to exercise. Also good for eye health. 5. The ambient light should be suitable for an environment that is too bright or too dark, which will damage the eyes to a certain extent and easily lead to astigmatism. Use natural light as much as possible during the day, and choose a desk lamp with mild and comfortable light at night to protect your child's eyes. 6. Regularly take children for eye examinations After children are 3 years old, parents should take children for vision examinations every six months. If abnormalities are found, they should be corrected in time. Astigmatism is a very common eye problem, and teenagers account for the majority, so parents must take precautions and stay away from eye problems.

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