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Bought a tampon but don't know how to use it? Tell you the precautions, don't dare to use

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:21:30

Bought a tampon but don't know how to use it? Tell you the precautions, don't dare to use

A tampon is a cylinder made of cotton, mainly made of a mixture of cotton and man-made fibers. It can be placed in the vagina to absorb menstrual blood during women's menstrual period. Although the method of use is different from that of sanitary napkins, the principle is the same. The correct order of use of tampons and related precautions need to be understood in detail. Tampon usage sequence Tampons are relatively simple to use. The first step is to choose a suitable tampon according to your menstrual blood volume and less, and wash your hands before use to avoid polluting the tampon due to poor sanitary conditions. bring health risks. After cleaning, take out the tampon from the package, and then put the inner tube of the tampon into the body, neither too deep nor too shallow, both hands must be able to get the outer tube, and slowly continue to push the inner tube forward until into the vagina. After placing, remove the outer tube and the inner tube together. Of course, the thread attached to the tampon must be left outside the vagina. The catheter can be wrapped in a tissue and thrown into the trash can. Do not flush it directly into the toilet. This is a tampon correct order of use. In the case of proper usage, it can keep the private parts dry and hygienic, and it is not easy to contaminate clothes or cause bacteria to grow due to menstrual blood during the menstrual period. Its function is similar to that of sanitary napkins, and you can choose according to your own hobbies and needs. Points to note about tampons The points to note about the use of tampons should also be understood. When placing tampons into the vagina, the speed should be slow, but they should not be hard plugged. Some people use brute force to hard plug them, which may be damaged. This behavior is unacceptable. In addition, at the beginning of the menstrual period, the amount of menstrual blood in the vagina is relatively large. It is not enough to use tampons alone. They should be used together with pads. Before use, read the packaging in detail, understand the steps, and pay attention to the main points. Only then can it be used safely. To prevent leakage, replace it every four to eight hours. What should be paid attention to during the menstrual period?

1. Don't overwork

In addition to the correct use of pads or tampons, there are other precautions, such as not Overworked. Many women still stay up late in a state of physical discomfort, or struggle for a long time at work, but they do not know that there is no combination of work and rest, and proper rest has an impact on health. The correct way is to go to bed early and get up early during a special physiological period to ensure enough rest time, which not only relieves discomfort, but also helps endocrine regulation. Many people have endocrine disorders without enough rest, prolonged anxiety, and stress, which can lead to health problems.

2. Pay attention to nutritional supplements

Women in the menstrual period should start with diet to adjust and pay attention to nutritional supplements. Of course, there are some types of food that should not be ingested during the physiological period, including raw and cold foods, cold foods, spicy foods, and greasy foods. The diet should be kept as light as possible, and the food outside the rules should be properly matched. After comprehensive nutrition is provided, the resistance can be enhanced, and health can be guaranteed. Of course, you should focus on supplementing protein, vitamins, iron, etc.

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