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When uric acid continues to rise, there are generally these 3 abnormalities, 3 methods to relieve

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:55:19

When uric acid continues to rise, there are generally these 3 abnormalities, 3 methods to relieve

The physical indicators are stable, indicating that the maintenance is good and the health status is maintained. But many people are not stable in blood sugar, blood pressure and other indicators, but uric acid continues to exceed the standard. High uric acid will also have an impact on the body. Excessive uric acid in the body will continue to accumulate and cannot be excreted smoothly, which will increase the prevalence of gout and kidney disease, and even bring about other chronic diseases. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the reactions of high uric acid indicators in advance, and respond in time when disease warnings are found.

1. Dry mouth

Excessive uric acid builds up, and many people experience dry mouth. Supplement enough water, it is reasonable to say that the mouth will feel moist, not inexplicably dry, and always want to drink water. But some people have this kind of performance, which is actually caused by the high level of uric acid. The body will respond and issue a warning to make the patient feel thirsty, and promote circulation and metabolism through the acquisition of water, thereby taking away excess uric acid. Therefore, The mouth always feels dry in the state of high uric acid. In addition to suspecting diabetes, this situation continues to determine whether uric acid is too high.

2. Joint pain

The uric acid is constantly produced, but it cannot be excreted smoothly. Many patients will have joint pain. Joint pain mostly indicates the onset of gout. At this time, the accumulation of urate crystals will stimulate the joints and cause local inflammation, so it will show redness, swelling and heat pain. This kind of pain makes the patient feel uncomfortable, and life is better than death. Onset at night. Once this warning is found, it should be treated in time to promote uric acid excretion to protect the joints.

3. Abnormal urination

Excessive uric acid will also cause abnormal urination, especially nocturia. I always need to get up at night to go to the toilet, which is very frequent, and even reduces the quality of sleep. This situation should not be underestimated. In addition to the dry mouth and increased water intake in the state of high uric acid, it may also be that the kidneys are damaged, which is why urination occurs. Frequency special changes. If there is no targeted treatment, and the indicators are adjusted while protecting other important organs, the disease may be aggravated. How to improve high uric acid?

1. Taking medicines

In order to relieve the high uric acid condition, the most important thing is to cooperate with the treatment scientifically, and take uric acid-lowering drugs according to the doctor's instructions in time. Because high uric acid may develop into gout, it is not enough to fight through good habits alone. If medication is needed, the specific drug selection, usage and dosage should be clear, and with the help of scientific treatment, uric acid can be excreted smoothly, and the disease can be alleviated.

2. Appropriate exercise

Exercise regularly, in addition to controlling body weight and enhancing physical fitness, it is also conducive to the excretion of uric acid. Because to strengthen systemic metabolism and promote blood circulation, exercise is a feasible method. Excess uric acid can be excreted faster during exercise, thus stabilizing the control index. Some people have not exercised at all for a long time, even though they have health problems and still do not take action, they may gradually gain weight after lack of exercise, and many indicators will be abnormal. In addition to the continuous accumulation of uric acid, there is also the risk of high blood sugar and blood lipids.

3. Supplement more water

to meet the needs of water every day, and protect the body by drinking water correctly, and the same effect can be achieved. The excretion of uric acid requires the participation of water, the amount of urination increases, and the metabolic waste generated outside the excess water will also be excreted. At this time, increase the amount of water you drink and eat more diuretic foods, you will find that the amount of uric acid excretion increases and the speed is accelerated, thereby Relieve high uric acid.

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