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Pay attention to high blood pressure, if it is not well controlled for a long time, it is easy to get into these 4 complications

Posting time:2023-03-24 10:23:23

Pay attention to high blood pressure, if it is not well controlled for a long time, it is easy to get into these 4 complications

Signs of high blood pressure should be paid attention to, to understand the extent of blood pressure increase, whether there are complications, and choose appropriate treatment methods to stabilize the indicators as soon as possible, otherwise high blood pressure will pose a threat to the life and health of patients due to serious illness. As a representative of chronic diseases, prolonged negative emotions, smoking and drinking, staying up late, and improper diet will all bring about the disease, which should be properly prevented and dealt with. What complications will occur if blood pressure is not well controlled for a long time?

1. Hypertensive heart disease

If blood pressure is not well controlled for a long time, hypertensive heart disease will invade. To keep the heart functioning well, you should pay attention to the stable control of blood pressure and try to keep all the indicators as normal as possible. However, some people's blood pressure changes do not take reasonable treatment measures, and the blood vessels will gradually become diseased due to the high pressure on the blood vessels. Once it occurs in the blood vessels around the heart, it will affect the delivery and supply of nutrients and reduce the natural function of the heart. And after the gradual damage, many people show arrhythmia, chest tightness and fatigue, angina pectoris. It can be seen that in order to protect the heart, blood pressure should be stably controlled, and high blood pressure should be treated as soon as possible.

2. Cerebral hemorrhage

Prolonged high blood pressure will increase the risk of cerebral hemorrhage. Intracerebral hemorrhage refers to the phenomenon of hemorrhage that occurs in the brain. The blood vessels gradually rupture, hemorrhage, the intracranial pressure increases after blood loss, the meninges are stimulated, and the patient will show language and movement disorders, as well as dizziness, headache, vomiting, etc., If the treatment is not timely, it will leave sequelae and even cause the patient to die. The main reason why the blood vessels in the brain will rupture and bleed is mainly because the blood vessels are under high pressure in a high-pressure environment, which will gradually reduce their elasticity and increase their brittleness, which will bring negative effects later.

3. Hypertensive nephropathy

The appearance of some kidney diseases is actually high blood pressure without stable control. The kidneys shoulder the heavy responsibility of excreting harmful substances, and various metabolic wastes will be smoothly excreted out of the body through the function of the kidneys. Continued excessive pressure on the blood vessels may reduce the elasticity of the blood vessel walls, which will affect the normal circulation in the future. The insufficient blood supply to the kidneys will reduce the function of the kidneys. Over time, hypertensive nephropathy will be caused, and the body will pay a heavy price. It can be seen that the protection of renal blood pressure should be well controlled, and the treatment of hypertension should be coordinated as soon as possible.

4. Eye disease

Many people have reduced eye function not because of excessive eye use or wrong use of the eye, but because their blood pressure is not stably controlled. It is found that the signs of chronic diseases are not properly dealt with. As the disease develops and becomes more and more serious, the blood vessels of the fundus are also damaged under the high pressure environment, which will accelerate the arrival of fundus lesions, and in severe cases, retinopathy and vision loss will occur. From this, it can be found that high blood pressure affects the whole body, many vital organs will be reduced in function due to high blood pressure, and multiple complications will strike at the same time, treatment is difficult, and the patient's body is severely burdened.

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