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Insist on running, these 4 benefits are "in the bag", you need to pay attention to these 2 points before running

Posting time:2023-03-24 06:51:39

Insist on running, these 4 benefits are "in the bag", you need to pay attention to these 2 points before running

Life lies in sports, and there are various sports, including swimming, rope skipping, running, walking, yoga, etc. You can choose suitable sports according to your endurance and athletic ability. After a period of patience, you will find many benefits. Those who insist on running pay attention to mastering the key points in advance, and do a good job in preparation in advance, so as to strengthen the body and improve the function of organs through running. What does running do?

1. Weight control

There are many benefits of running consistently, one of which is effective weight control. Nowadays, living standards are getting better and better, and many people don’t have to worry about diet. Big fish and meat, high-calorie diet, after excess nutrition, the accumulation of fat in the body will gradually gain weight, and excessive obesity is the root cause of many diseases. If you can control your weight well, promote calorie consumption through running, and convert fat into energy supply, your weight can be maintained within a reasonable range.

2. Enhancing physical fitness

Strengthening immunity is inseparable from exercise. More and more people are in poor physical condition, which makes it easy for various pathogens to invade. In autumn and winter, colds are common during the changing seasons. Frequent diseases will affect normal life, and regular medication will also drag on the body. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to improving immunity. In the process of insisting on running, if there is enough exercise, the function of immune cells can be activated, and the resistance will naturally develop normally.

3. Adjustment indicators

Effectively regulate blood lipids, help dilate blood vessels, and at the same time make blood sugar more stable, which is one of the benefits of exercise. Many people suffer from chronic diseases, and the indicators are unstable, but they are not adjusted in the correct way. These indicators will cause damage to multiple organs in the process of fluctuation, and even accelerate vascular disease, which may easily lead to serious myocardial infarction and cerebral infarction. Wait. If you can keep exercising, you will find that the blood flows faster and the viscosity improves. During exercise, carbohydrates are converted into energy supply, which can help regulate blood sugar, expand blood vessels to a certain extent, and stabilize blood pressure.

4. Improve heart function

Exercise is the way to have a healthy heart. Many people have reduced heart function, and when there is insufficient power, blood circulation in other parts of the body is affected. If you already have atherosclerosis and still develop bad habits, lack of exercise, improper diet, smoking and drinking, and improper treatment of chronic diseases, it will lead to serious heart problems in the future. And persistent exercise can increase myocardial contractility, while improving circulation and metabolism, which is conducive to heart maintenance. What do you need to do to prepare for a run?

1. Warm up first

Before exercising, a good thing to do is to warm up first. Many people do not exercise normally, but suddenly want to strengthen their body by exercising , but did not pay attention to the details, directly into the high-intensity running exercise, easy to strain, sprain. And by doing warm-up exercises correctly, you can stretch your muscles and bones, move your joints, and promote blood circulation at the same time. Running in a flexible and relaxed state can last for a long time, and it will be smoother and reduce the risk of accidents.

2. Choose suitable shoes

Before running, you should prepare suitable running shoes to help you during running. In addition to strong friction, it is not easy to run. Falling, but also can maximize the protection of people's feet. Many people wear uncomfortable shoes for running, and they are not suitable for running. They may experience various discomforts in their feet after running for a period of time, and they are prone to pain and even sprains.

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