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【Popular Science】Stunned! The girl's belly is as big as seven months of pregnancy, and it is actually a 14-pound tumor. Don't ignore this kind of belly pain!

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【Popular Science】Stunned! The girl's belly is as big as seven months of pregnancy, and it is actually a 14-pound tumor. Don't ignore this kind of belly pain!

The 13-year-old girl Wenwen (pseudonym) has a well-proportioned body, but her belly is "fat" faster than other parts. But the family thought it was a long body and didn't care too much. It was not until Wenwen's stomach started to hurt that her parents decided to take her to the local hospital for examination. The results of the examination shocked the whole family. There was actually a huge tumor in the stomach! Because the tumor was too big, the local hospital suggested Wenwen to go to a bigger hospital. After being introduced, she came to the outpatient department of Li Dingheng, chief physician of the gynecology department of Hangzhou Women's Hospital.

13-year-old girl as big as seven months pregnant

The doctor removed about 14 pounds of tumor

Seeing Wenwen's huge belly like 7 months of pregnancy, the well-informed Li Dingheng couldn't help taking a breath. Wenwen's mother said: "The child won the first place in the long-distance running in school, and he can still sit up! I really don't see any problem." Li Dingheng was afraid of this dangerous operation. Fortunately, the tumor did not rupture. Immediately, Li Dingheng arranged an examination for Wenwen, and the MRI results showed that it was a unilateral multilocular ovarian mucinous cystadenoma. The MRI scan of the tumor occupying the abdominal cavity showed that the ovaries on Wenwen's side were all honeycomb-sized multilocular tumors, with a total of more than 20 rooms. No normal ovarian tissue could be seen, and the tumor could only be removed by laparotomy. After careful preoperative preparations, Director Li Dingheng was the chief surgeon, and with the close cooperation of the anesthesia team, the tumor was successfully removed. The cyst fluid that was sucked out during the operation was about 6,000 ml, with a total weight of about 14 pounds! Fortunately, the pathology results showed that the tumor was benign. After the tumor and cystic fluid were removed, Wenwen's condition was stable, and her "potbellied" belly became flat. After careful care by the nursing team, he recovered well. Before leaving the hospital, the family sent a pennant to express his gratitude. Wenwen's family sent a pennant

Ovarian tumor is getting younger

If you have a daughter, don't ignore it

Ovarian tumors can occur in women at any age, with a wide variety of tumor histological types. The performance is different at different ages, and its nature is benign, borderline and malignant. Most of them are benign. The probability of ovarian cancer in girls, adolescent girls and postmenopausal women is higher than that in women of childbearing age. Therefore, seek medical attention promptly when your child has these typical symptoms:
  • abnormal abdominal pain, vaginal bleeding, etc.;
  • short-term Rapid abdominal enlargement;
  • Sudden abdominal pain after strenuous activity, possibly ovarian tumor torsion.
"Ovarian tumor torsion can be reset in time, and the ovary can be preserved. If the torsion exceeds 12 hours and the ovary is necrotic, it can only be removed." Li Dingheng said. While Dr. Li Dingheng is performing the operation, he also needs to remind the parents, "The little girl has abdominal pain. Parents will first think that it is appendicitis, gastroenteritis and other diseases, but they will not think that it is a gynecological disease, which may miss the best time for treatment."

Most ovarian tumors have a good prognosis

Children's postoperative psychological problems also need attention

Children and The most common ovarian tumors in adolescents are germ cell tumors, such as: teratoma, endodermal sinus tumor, etc., which are generally more common in unilateral ovaries, rare in bilateral ovaries, faster growing, and more malignant than adults. However, these tumors are highly sensitive to chemotherapy, and they have a good prognosis through standard treatment with surgery and drugs. "As a gynecologist, the focus is to try to protect the child's ovarian function and fertility. This is the responsibility of every obstetrician and gynecologist." Li Dingheng said. Dr. Li Dingheng also mentioned in the office: "Wenwen is in a low mood after the operation and is unwilling to communicate with her family." After inquiring, she learned that Wenwen was worried that the operation would affect her future marriage and childbirth. After being enlightened by the gynecologist, psychologist and nurse of Hangzhou Women's Hospital, she was told that the disease was benign and would not affect normal childbearing. The long-lost smile returned to her face. A good psychological state is conducive to the recovery of the body after surgery. In addition to paying attention to the disease itself, parents should not forget to give their children some comfort and encouragement, so that they can correctly understand the disease and relieve depression and pain. END. Materials provided丨Reviewed by Guan Huanhuan Medicine丨Editor/Producer by Li Dingheng | Health Business Development Department

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