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[Popular Science] Children have accumulated food and poor appetite, and the autumn equinox is a good season! 4 actions to adjust the spleen and stomach at home

Posting time:2023-03-24 03:05:00

[Popular Science] Children have accumulated food and poor appetite, and the autumn equinox is a good season! 4 actions to adjust the spleen and stomach at home

This Friday is the autumnal equinox. After a summer's "cold bombing", the spleen and stomach may have been exhausted in autumn. Compared with adults, children's spleen and stomach are more delicate and easily damaged by diet and bad living habits. Parents need to pay more attention and take care of them so that the autumn tonic food can be better absorbed. How to do it? Let's have a look!

With these two behaviors, the spleen and stomach are very hurt

01 Even if the heat is not completely dissipated by eating cold food, children will still Often shouting to eat ice cream, drink cold drinks, many parents do not object. In fact, these cold and cold foods can easily damage the spleen yang of children, resulting in weak spleen and stomach, cold condensing qi stagnation, and decreased digestion and absorption functions. In addition, after the autumn equinox, the cold is getting stronger, parents should add clothes to their children in time to keep warm. If the child likes to kick the quilt at night, you can choose a breathable sleeping bag for the TA, so that adults don't have to wake up in the middle of the night to cover the quilt, killing two birds with one stone. 02 People who eat too much say that it is a blessing to be able to eat. Many parents think that it is better to eat than not to eat, and their children do not control the amount they want to eat. Such concepts and practices ignore the ability of the child's spleen and stomach, which can easily lead to the accumulation of food in the child's body. Children who have accumulated food for a long time will have the following symptoms: ■ Poor appetite, anorexia and picky eaters ■ Thick white coating on the tongue, peculiar or sour taste in the mouth, bloated stomach ■ Unable to pull or loose stools, dark in color and smelly ■ Unsleepable sleep , Fever and accumulation of food in the hands, feet and heart will not only damage the child's spleen and stomach, but also cause malnutrition and affect the child's growth and development.

4 movements to effectively relieve children's food accumulation

If children have food accumulation, parents can try to massage TA, these 4 movements can be done at home, hurry up and learn Get up~01 Massage the abdomen, rub the palms, massage the child's abdomen clockwise with the whole palm, 3-5 minutes each time, 2-3 times a day. 02 Kneading the door The door is located in the middle of the thenar of the palm. Parents can hold the child's finger with the left hand and press the Panmen point with the thumb of the right hand, either clockwise or counterclockwise, 200 times each time, 2-3 times a day. 03 Rub the Zusanli point on the front edge of the tibia with a horizontal finger (middle finger), and massage for 1 to 2 minutes each time. 04 Pinch the Dazhui point of the spine to the gluteal cleft into a straight line, use the pinching method to pinch the skin, while lifting and pinching, while pushing forward, pinching from the coccyx to the Dazhui, repeat 3-5 times, 5-7 times a day to help Regulate the spleen and stomach.

Children's diet, parents need to pay attention to these 3 points

For children with weak spleen and stomach, poor digestion and absorption, the following 3 aspects must be paid attention to in diet:
  • Do not force food
If the child's desire to eat is not so strong, or if the child is already unwilling to eat, parents should not force feeding.
  • Enrich the diet structure and cultivate eating habits
The diet should be on time, regular and appropriate, and pay attention to the combination of meat and vegetables. Other nutrients such as grains, fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, poultry and fish should be ingested in accordance with the following dietary pagodas to ensure a balanced diet. If children are unwilling to eat more variety, parents can start with the foods they like and gradually add foods they don’t want to eat, so as to gradually achieve a balanced diet.
  • Chew slowly and less greasy
Children's spleen and stomach are delicate, avoid eating too fast, too full, too greasy, otherwise it will not be conducive to the digestion and absorption of the spleen and stomach . In addition, when the child has symptoms of anorexia, nausea, vomiting, constipation, etc., do not rush to give the child medicine, first make sure not to eat too much, and then go to the hospital for consultation, and use massage and probiotics under the guidance of the doctor. and other ways to regulate the stomach. If you want to take good care of your child's stomach and learn massage techniques, you can also register directly to our hospital for treatment. END. Medical Review丨Editor/Supervisor Zhu Yunxia | Health Development Department

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