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National certification! Our hospital was awarded the first batch of "Sino-French WAFF Maternity Sports Rehabilitation Project Clinical Training Center" in China

Posting time:2023-01-31 02:47:35

National certification! Our hospital was awarded the first batch of "Sino-French WAFF Maternity Sports Rehabilitation Project Clinical Training Center" in China

In May of this year, the China Maternal and Child Health Association announced the list of the first batch of "Sino-French WAFF Maternity Exercise Rehabilitation Project Clinical Training Centers", and our hospital is on the list! In the expert review of the China Maternal and Child Health Association, our hospital stood out with excellent results in the fierce competition with many top three hospitals, and became one of the ten hospitals that passed the review, the first in the province. The success of this application demonstrates the strength of the pelvic floor center of our hospital. Our hospital will improve the overall rehabilitation system for women with stricter requirements and provide more professional, standardized and diversified rehabilitation services for female friends.

What is the WAFF movement?

WAFF pelvic and abdominal mechanics exercise rehabilitation is a holistic exercise rehabilitation that fully awakens body awareness. WAFF is an ergonomic air cushion, which is specially designed for the human body using 3D technology. It combines the three functions of fitness, relaxation and posture adjustment to improve the overall balance of the human body from the three levels of physical, psychological and emotional, and improve the quality of life in an all-round way. We make full use of the characteristics of WAFF to design a simple, safe and interesting overall exercise for the special physiological and psychological changes of women during pregnancy and childbirth. Training through WAFF air cushion amplifies body perception, improves exercise efficiency, and has both preventive and therapeutic effects. △WAFF Rehabilitation Training Room

Which groups is WAFF suitable for?

WAFF exercise is suitable for pre-pregnancy, pregnancy and postpartum groups. It can effectively increase the rate of vaginal delivery, reduce pelvic floor damage, promote the separation of rectus abdominis, relieve back pain and pubic symphysis pain, and correct round shoulders and pelvic anterior tilt. and other symptoms. For postpartum women, the main purpose is to relieve joint pain, relax spastic muscles, repair pelvic floor muscles, strengthen abdominal strength through posture adjustment, restore body shape as soon as possible, educate the body in a comfortable environment, and rebuild new muscle memory. △WAFF sports group class At present, the Pelvic Floor Center of Hangzhou Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital is the first public hospital in Hangzhou to carry out the "WAFF Maternity Movement", and it is also the earliest and most mature institution in Zhejiang Province to carry out the WAFF movement during pregnancy. The coaching team is composed of obstetrics and gynecology doctors, who personally guide expectant mothers to carry out safe and effective sports. Spacious gym, professional coaching team and happy classroom atmosphere make "WAFF Sports" one of the most popular "Internet celebrity" courses, and it has been well received by postpartum mothers for many times. END. Material Review丨Jin Jianmei Editor/Producer | Health Business Development Department

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