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Ireland fights the epidemic丨Guiyang AIER volunteers: I am very happy to be a "big white"

Posting time:2023-03-24 10:48:08

Ireland fights the epidemic丨Guiyang AIER volunteers: I am very happy to be a "big white"

"Hello, please come to Bihai Community for training at 8:30 tonight and participate in the nucleic acid collection work on September 17th and 18th." On September 16th, the director of the functional imaging department who has submitted a petition at Guiyang Aier Eye Hospital He Yuxia received a call from the Guiyang Municipal Health Commission. Afterwards, she picked up her already packed luggage and went to Bihai Community to gather, and waited with the Guizhou Provincial Women's Volunteer Medical Service Team to be assigned to the community for nucleic acid sampling. "Are you sweating? Or is it water?" This was a question asked by a security volunteer at R&F Xintiandi in Guanshanhu District when he saw Director He Yuxia take off his protective clothing. The weather on the 18th could be described as the "autumn tiger" attack. She was wearing thick protective clothing and her clothes were already wet, but He Yuxia did not feel tired. She only hoped that the nucleic acid samples collected for 1,500 people in the past two days would be valid samples, and All negative. Referring to the high-intensity work in the past two days, she is glad that she can contribute to the fight against the epidemic, "Every day when we wash our hands, there are many parents of children next to us who will teach the children to wash our hands in our way, which makes me feel After all, this is also an educational job," He Yuxia said. "Come on, open your mouth...ah..." At 7:10 in the morning, Li Qin, director of the Laboratory Department of Guiyang Aier Eye Hospital, was sampling nucleic acid for citizens. Her clear work ideas and quick and agile movements have been admired by colleagues who have worked with her these days. "It turns out that Mrs. Li is in charge of the inspection work and has very rich experience. Before she was only doing some volunteer work. When we learned that she was actually a professional, we immediately decided to transfer her to the nucleic acid collection work." The community leader people said. Li Qin has been working for 45 years and is also an old party member with 30 years of party experience. He signed up for the community as a volunteer at the first moment of silent management. Also a party member is Yang Jie, a pharmacist at Guiyang Aier Eye Hospital. She has been in the party for 15 years. On September 3, she submitted a volunteer application to the community. After the community learned that Yang Jie was a party member and had hospital work experience, she was appointed as an organizational member of the community's temporary party branch to coordinate and manage the epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic work in the community. After a few days of delivering supplies, she learned that there are many elderly people living in the community, so she and her volunteer partners knocked on the door from door to door, and brought medical staff to the door in person to collect nucleic acid for citizens with limited mobility. Up to now, she and her volunteer partners have successfully organized nucleic acid sampling for 3,200 people in the community, and her community has also successfully won the title of "epidemic-free community". From the workplace to the front line of the fight against the epidemic, the work content and venue are changing, and the responsibilities and responsibilities remain unchanged. The "epidemic" of the two party members was irresistible, they stepped forward, and used practical actions to gather together into a powerful force for Guiyang to jointly fight the epidemic. The epidemic is raging, and Zhang Hong, a nurse in the Cornea and Ophthalmology Department of Guiyang Aier Eye Hospital, who lives in Zhongtian Sweet Town, Yunyan District, Guiyang City, volunteered in the community, "Faced with the serious epidemic in the community, as a medical student I should do something within my power.” Referring to the difficulties in work, Zhang Hong said with a smile that as an ordinary citizen, he would have some complaints when he was woken up to do nucleic acid tests, but he found out when he really participated in it. How difficult it is for the volunteers, the lack of sleep, the exercising so much that they can't breathe, and it's common to have a hoarse voice after returning home, but she has no regrets. "Scream, mobilize thousands of troops, please come downstairs to gather in one unit of thirteen buildings! A cotton swab will stir the 'throat' of the world, please line up for nucleic acid testing!" In the early morning, the quiet Meicheng Xindu C Because of Fang Gang's familiar voice, the neighbors began to clean up and wash up, and there was a sound of "da-da" going downstairs from time to time in the corridor. "Lao Fang's propaganda is too magical. As soon as we heard the whole family laughed and made nucleic acid." said a resident. What morning is this? Fang Gang can't remember it himself. Every day before dawn, he goes to the assembly point to wear protective clothing and prepares to organize the residents to carry out a new round of nucleic acid testing... In his volunteer work, he used himself in the Health Education Department of Guiyang Aier Eye Hospital. The work experience not only actively promotes the knowledge of epidemic prevention and anti-epidemic science among neighbors in the community, but also reminds volunteer partners to protect themselves and help others more safely at work. Chen Qian and Zhang Lei, who are working in the Ministry of Health and Education, are also young representatives of the volunteer ranks of Guiyang Aier Eye Hospital. They used their hands and feet to send necessary living materials to the community residents, and helped them with patient and warm words. Elderly citizens prepare for nucleic acid testing. In the face of the epidemic, more than 30 volunteers from Guiyang Aier Eye Hospital were not afraid of danger and fulfilled their mission, showing the image of Aier doctors with good mental outlook, noble character and superb medical technology. We will surely rise to the challenge, bravely take on heavy burdens, and use our wisdom, ability and responsibility to go all out to do a good job in epidemic prevention and control, and contribute our strength to win the battle of epidemic annihilation!

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