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I have reminded many times that the glasses cloth is not used to wipe the lenses! The real role of glasses cloth

Posting time:2023-03-24 19:53:03

I have reminded many times that the glasses cloth is not used to wipe the lenses! The real role of glasses cloth

Glasses are an inseparable item for many people. Although many people wear glasses every day, they do not pay attention to maintenance. In fact, if the glasses are not maintained for a long time, the function of the glasses will be affected over time, which will be harmful to vision and eye health. Moreover, the glasses cloth is not used to wipe the lenses, but to pack the glasses in the glasses case. So some people want to ask, glasses are always dirty, how should I clean them? The materials of glasses are divided into resin lenses, glass lenses, PC lenses, crystal stone lenses, etc. After wearing glasses for a long time, people will find that the lenses are dirty and fuzzy, which may be caused by external dust. During the washing process, do not wash with cold water or hot water. Due to the principle of "thermal expansion and cold contraction", the glasses will be deformed in the long run. Just dip a little detergent on the lens, add a few drops of water, and then gently wipe with a better quality paper towel, don't rub it with your fingers repeatedly, and then rinse the wiped lens in warm water , and finally wipe it off with a clean cloth. Use a soft cloth to prevent hard substances from rubbing against the lens and avoid scratching the lens. My suggestion is not to use toilet paper, because most of the toilet paper is rough and easy to damage the lens. (It is recommended to use no confetti and soft tissues) What kinds of glasses are there? What structure does it have? To put it bluntly, glasses are the lenses embedded in the frame. Generally, people with blurred vision use glasses to improve their vision, or to protect their eyes, and some use it as a decorative appearance. Eye protection glasses are divided into myopia glasses, hyperopia glasses, reading glasses, astigmatism glasses, and strabismus glasses, among which myopia glasses are commonly used glasses for most people. Other categories of glasses are divided into sunglasses (sunglasses), swimming goggles, goggles and contact lenses. These glasses are all products to protect people's eyes and enhance their appearance, and they play a special role. How should we maintain our glasses? 1. The glasses themselves are prone to static electricity. In physics, static electricity can attract light substances, dust and fluff. Sometimes this happens when you randomly place them. It is best to put them in the glasses case when not in use. inside. 2. When wiping the lens, remember not to wipe it in one direction only, and do not use force. After a long time, there will be horizontal or vertical wiping marks. 3. Don't touch the lens directly with your hands when holding the glasses. Human hands have fingerprints, the fingerprints are rough, and there is a certain amount of sweat. If you touch the lens directly, it will leave a large fuzzy fingerprint on the lens. , sometimes your nails will scratch the lens, this is a small detail to pay attention to. Finally, I would like to say something: If your glasses have been used for a long time, more or less wear or scratches, it is difficult to avoid, you can consider changing glasses, with new glasses, your Your vision will be better, and your mood will be better.

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