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Glasses also have a shelf life

Posting time:2023-03-24 03:19:49

Glasses also have a shelf life

Most people wear glasses for a long time without changing, unless the glasses are damaged before re-fitting. As everyone knows, in the daily frequent use of glasses, with the wear and tear of glasses and changes in the degree of myopia, the burden of old glasses on the eyes is also increasing. How often should I change my glasses? Minor school-age children and adolescents are in the peak period of growth and development, just like they are growing fast, and the axial development of their eyes is also fast. In addition, the schoolwork burden is heavier. For long-term reading and writing at close range, the rate of myopia deepening is faster than that of adults. a lot of. It is recommended to check the eyes every six months. If the degree of myopia is found to be inappropriate, the glasses should be replaced in time. The degree of myopia in adults is relatively stable, but it does not mean that it will not change. It is recommended to have a medical optometry every 1-2 years. According to the optometry results, the doctor will judge whether it is necessary to re-fit glasses. Patients with high myopia with a degree of myopia exceeding 600 degrees should also have regular fundus examinations to prevent the occurrence of fundus diseases. Elderly reading glasses should also be replaced as needed! Out of thrift, many elderly friends wear reading glasses for a few years. When wearing glasses to read newspapers and feel tired, sore eyes and discomfort, you should go to the hospital to re-check whether the degree of glasses is appropriate. There is no specific time limit for the replacement of reading glasses. In daily life, how to avoid "injuring the mirror" behavior? In addition to changes in diopter, daily usage habits can also affect the lifespan of glasses. In the case of good habits, the general glasses can be used for about 2 years. Of course, some bad habits can also lead to a reduction in service life. ❌ Taking off glasses with one hand Many people are used to taking off glasses with one hand because they find it troublesome. Taking off the glasses on one side can easily lead to the loosening of the screws on the other side of the temples. Over time, the screws are easily loosened and damaged, or the unilateral temples are bent and deformed, or even broken. ❌ Washing with hand sanitizer and shower gel Usually we go to the optical shop to clean the glasses, and the clerk will always tell you that it is appropriate to clean the glasses with dish soap and neutral soap, but sometimes the dishwashing liquid comes from when you go out, everyone I will wash it with hand sanitizer, but I don't know that it is actually harmful to the glasses. Nowadays, most of the lenses are of multi-layer film structure. If acid or alkaline soap is used, it is easy to cause the lens to be peeled off and damaged. The ingredients such as shower gel will add grease, which not only cannot remove the grease on the lenses, but will actually make the glasses fog up after washing. ❌ Wearing glasses in bathing and bathing Some people with glasses often wear glasses in the bathroom when bathing, and wash them together with them, or wear glasses when bathing in hot springs. As mentioned above, the lens now uses a multi-layer film structure. When the lens encounters steam or hot water, the film layer peels off, expands and deforms, and then moisture easily enters the film layer, causing the lens to peel off. ❌ Dry wipe glasses We wear glasses outdoors for a long time, and fine dust and particles will adhere to the lenses. The hardness of these particles is often greater than that of the lens, and it is easy to scratch the glasses by direct wiping. The correct way: Rinse with water first, then use a clean paper towel to gently absorb the water droplets, and then gently wipe. In addition, in the following cases, it is necessary to replace the glasses in time! The yellowing of the lens indicates that the lens has aged, and the parameters of the lens may have changed, and the lens needs to be replaced as soon as possible. The lens film layer can not be repaired. If the position of the lens film has affected the normal field of vision, it is recommended to replace it immediately. If the paint layer of the frame falls off, it will affect the appearance. Secondly, if it is made of alloy copper, it will rust and turn green, and the patina is poisonous and corrodes the skin. Consider the need for replacement as appropriate. If the frame is seriously deformed and cannot be recovered, it is recommended to replace it immediately. In addition, when replacing the frame, be sure to replace the lens together, otherwise the optical change of the lens will easily cause discomfort. Changes in the degree of eyeglasses If the glasses are worn for a long time or the daily routine is irregular, the degree of the eyes changes. When wearing the current glasses is not clear enough, it is recommended to replace the glasses or consider replacing the lenses separately depending on the maintenance of the frame.

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