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People with bad kidneys will more or less have these 4 kinds of abnormalities, and they should be checked in time

Posting time:2023-03-24 04:56:15

People with bad kidneys will more or less have these 4 kinds of abnormalities, and they should be checked in time

If you find that your kidney function has decreased and related signals are issued, you should go to the hospital for a detailed examination as soon as possible to understand the trend of the disease, and choose appropriate measures according to the disease. Follow-up active conditioning, appropriate treatment, and natural and gradual recovery. Some people ignore the disease warnings, and it may become more and more serious over time, and finally the kidneys are close to being scrapped.

1, oliguria and anuria

if the kidneys are not good, the body will sense it and issue a warning. Those who have abnormal urination, early detection is the key. The amount of urine excreted is very small, and it is obvious that enough water is added, but the amount of urine produced by the body after circulation and metabolism is very small, with the characteristics of oliguria and no urine, and the frequency of going to the toilet is significantly reduced. These characteristics require Suspected water and sodium retention. In some people, the body's ability to excrete water decreases after the invasion of kidney disease. In the case of abnormal metabolism, water and sodium are retained, so there will be less urine and no urine, which will cause the accumulation of water and the accumulation of metabolic waste in the body, which is not good for health.

2. Poor appetite

Abnormal digestion and decreased appetite, most people think that it is caused by the disease of the stomach and intestines, and basically do not think of kidney disease. However, there are many types of kidney diseases, ranging from mild to severe, and some problems are very difficult. If they are not dealt with as soon as possible, they will gradually worsen, and finally the body will have abnormal metabolism. Acid-base imbalance, ammonia production affects the health of intestinal mucosa, inflammation and ulcers may occur, and subsequent patients will show digestive system dysfunction, so there will be symptoms such as decreased appetite and indigestion, which need to be correctly distinguished from other diseases.

3. Inexplicable swelling

Body swelling can be detected by the naked eye. Healthy people have smooth metabolism and normal urination after water acquisition, so excess water and metabolic wastes are excreted in time. However, if edema persists, it is best to check the kidney function. At this time, organ damage will affect water excretion, and excess water will continue to accumulate under the influence of water and sodium retention. Therefore, it will be found that the eyelids, lower extremities and other parts are swollen, and the skin rebounds when pressed. Slow. It is necessary to distinguish it from obesity, and to check and cooperate with treatment as soon as possible. Only when the kidney function is improved can the metabolism return to normal.

4. Low back pain

More and more people are suffering from kidney disease, and serious disease can cause great harm to the body. Many of them show Back pain. There are many types of diseases involved in the appearance of low back pain, and it is necessary to learn to identify them. Examination is the best method, which should be distinguished from lesions of the lumbar spine or surrounding muscle tissue. In some people, kidney stones invade, local stones continue to accumulate, the volume increases, and the number increases, causing damage to the kidneys, so there will be low back pain, fever, nausea and vomiting, and hematuria in severe cases. Appropriate treatment for kidney stones needs to be selected.

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