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People who smoke and drink should pay attention, if there are these 4 major abnormalities, don't continue

Posting time:2022-12-03 09:31:26

People who smoke and drink should pay attention, if there are these 4 major abnormalities, don't continue

Those who are dependent on tobacco and alcohol may smoke and drink every day, and the body continuously acquires harmful substances, which will eventually affect the function of organs and even develop serious diseases. After damage, the body often calls for help. Once the relevant disease signals are found, it is not to be taken lightly. Check the disease to understand the disease, and quit smoking and drinking. There may be a chance to save. So, what are the signs that the body is crying for help?

1. Chest pain

Always smoking and drinking are the main reasons for many diseases, and some people are physically injured, mainly The performance is chest pain. People who often feel discomfort in the chest need to suspect heart and lung lesions. Heavy smoking will obtain tar, nicotine and other substances. The longer the smoking time, the greater the risk of lung cancer. Once local malignant tumors occur, the common situation is chest pain. , cough, fever. However, some people do not leave the body with tobacco and alcohol, which gradually accelerates the vascular disease around the heart, which subsequently affects the supply of nutrients to the organ, and angina pectoris will also occur in ischemia and hypoxia.

2. Numbness in the limbs

The limbs are always numb, which also means that the health is affected. The extremity is usually relaxed without the appearance of compression, because circulation is normal and blood is being supplied all the time. However, smoking and drinking a lot for a long time will gradually increase the viscosity of blood, affect the changes in blood pressure, and subsequently make it impossible to maintain normal blood circulation. However, continuous ischemia does not properly maintain the blood vessels, and at the same time corrects the bad habits, the common symptom is numbness of the limbs. Repeated numbness, it is best to go to the hospital for a detailed examination to understand the changes in various indicators. If multiple chronic diseases strike at the same time, targeted treatment should be given, and smoking and drinking behaviors should be corrected at the same time.

3. Dizziness and headache

There is always discomfort in the head, frequent dizziness and headache, and it is necessary to suspect a serious disease. Many people regard dizziness and headache as a small problem, and feel that there is not enough time to rest, and this will happen due to overwork. In fact, many serious diseases also use dizziness and headache to sound the alarm, especially cerebral hemorrhage, cerebral infarction and so on. Frequent smoking and drinking have become accelerators of various diseases, which are invisibly damaging the blood vessels of the brain, affecting normal circulation, and the brain may suffer from ischemia and hypoxia. Some people have high blood pressure after smoking and drinking, the elasticity of blood vessels is reduced, the fragility is increased, and they may rupture and bleed.

4. Deterioration of complexion

A person's health can be roughly judged by the change of complexion. The body is well maintained, the indicators are stable, and the organ functions are normal. Circulation and metabolism of the whole body can be maintained well. However, many people have been drinking and smoking for a long time, and the continuous acquisition of various harmful substances will affect the function of organs, and even accelerate vascular disease and reduce resistance. Once the whole body circulates, there is a problem with metabolism, the complexion changes relatively obviously, and the ruddy complexion can no longer be maintained, and the complexion may be pale. Others have severely damaged livers, resulting in a chlorosis of the face.

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