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Cancer patients' diet: 3 kinds of food should not be touched, so as not to affect the disease

Posting time:2023-01-31 07:05:35

Cancer patients' diet: 3 kinds of food should not be touched, so as not to affect the disease

After the occurrence of cancer, it is necessary to control the disease through correct treatment to avoid the metastasis and spread of cancer cells and increase the difficulty of treatment. In addition, many details in life should also be paid attention to, such as maintaining a good attitude, coping with diseases calmly, actively cooperating with treatment, following doctor's advice, working hard on diet, and understanding relevant taboos. If these points can be done well, the cancer can be controlled faster.

1. Spicy food

The dietary taboos related to cancer should be clearly understood. Among them, spicy food should be kept away. Many people don’t like spicy food and eat a lot of spicy food, but they don’t know that spicy food is irritating. If cancer happens to appear in the digestive system, continuing a spicy diet will accelerate the development of the disease and even cause inflammatory substances to be produced. The taste should be kept light, and the use of chili peppers in the process of cooking food should not only reduce the discomfort of the body, but also avoid other complications.

2. Preserved food

Preserved food has hidden risks, but many people are overly dependent on it. Excessive acquisition of preserved food will increase the incidence of cancer. What's more, there are already diseases developing, you need to know which foods are most harmful and stay away from them as soon as possible. Among them, ham, canned food, salted fish, pickled vegetables, etc. are all pickled foods, which are characterized by their resistance to preservation, but are rich in various additives, and will also produce nitrites that are unfavorable to health during the pickling process. This substance has The hidden danger of carcinogenicity, already cancer has appeared, it is necessary to strictly avoid food, choose other high nutritional value, safe food to meet nutritional needs.

3. High-fat foods

High-fat foods are also not recommended for cancer patients, because most patients lose their appetite during cancer, and after treatment, their digestive ability If the cancer happens to appear in the digestive system, the patient may also have symptoms such as diarrhea and loss of appetite. Consuming fatty foods at this time will aggravate the condition and increase the discomfort of the body. The acquisition of fat requires the liver and the digestive system to work together for normal digestion. Some people have liver cancer invasion, greasy, loss of appetite, or indigestion due to the development of colon cancer and stomach cancer. It will provide too much energy for cancer cells to develop. From the above content, it can be known that when a health problem occurs, it is necessary to understand the relevant dietary taboos according to the type of disease, while cancer is relatively intractable and difficult to control. If you continue to eat inappropriately, the deterioration of the disease will threaten the life and health of the patient. It is best to eat less and more meals to reduce digestive pressure, keep the diet light, and stay away from those irritating and indigestible foods. Of course, some nutrients should be obtained in sufficient amounts, such as dietary fiber, protein, trace elements, vitamins, etc.

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