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Often fart, is it because the liver is not good? In most cases, it is still related to these three points

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:40:12

Often fart, is it because the liver is not good? In most cases, it is still related to these three points

Farting is normal in most cases, and a few times a day is a manifestation of the normal functioning of the digestive system. In the process of digesting food, some gas is produced, which is excreted by farting. But if the frequency of farting is high, it should be taken seriously, it is likely that some health problems are developing. If you have a disease and don't deal with it properly, there is a possibility that it will become more serious. Many people suspect that frequent farting is a manifestation of decreased liver function. Is it true? The liver maintains a good function and the bile is secreted smoothly, which can participate in the digestion of food and absorb nutrients in time, so the appetite is normal outside the regular bowel movement. Of course, if the liver is healthy, it will not continue to fart, but for some people, the frequency of farting is high, which is a sign of a bad liver. At this time, the body's digestion is abnormal, and the defecation will be abnormal and continue to fart. It is not clear whether it is caused by liver disease, and it is more accurate to carry out relevant examinations and make judgments in combination with other symptoms of the body. What are the reasons for frequent farting?

1. Constipation

The constant farting may be related to prolonged constipation. Maintaining good bowel habits and going to the toilet once or twice a day is a sign of health, indicating that the intestinal peristalsis is fast and the power is sufficient. After getting food every day, it is digested normally, and the metabolic waste produced can be excreted smoothly. However, if the intestinal motility is insufficient but not well maintained, the lack of exercise, the lack of regular and good defecation habits, the insufficient water intake, the difficulty of defecation after being affected, and the accumulation of metabolic wastes in the intestine for a long time will also produce gas, which will lead to Characteristics of frequent farting.

2. Intestinal disease

Not only fart but also suspected intestinal disease. The digestive system remains functional, and in healthy conditions, nutrients can be absorbed and utilized normally, while metabolizing crops are excreted. However, some people overeat and eat indiscriminately. If they eat a bad stomach, they may have symptoms such as diarrhea, abdominal pain, vomiting, and sometimes continuous farting. The impact of intestinal problems cannot be underestimated. It is necessary to understand the specific cause and treat it as soon as possible. Some people develop irritable bowel syndrome, while others develop enteritis.

3. Diet influences

Dietary factors make some people fart constantly. It is necessary to understand which types of food are likely to produce a lot of gas, and don’t get too much at one time. Excessive intake of starchy, high-protein foods often manifests as constant farting. Some people do not understand the nutritional content of food, and they often eat incorrectly. These indigestible, gas-producing foods are excessively ingested, and the digestion speed is slowed down. They stay in the digestive system for a long time, and constantly generate gas, so they will fart High frequency. People with this condition need to adjust their diet in time and choose other foods to provide nutrients.

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