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The doctor said: middle-aged and elderly people do not want osteoporosis, they must do these 4 things to avoid it

Posting time:2023-01-31 09:20:55

The doctor said: middle-aged and elderly people do not want osteoporosis, they must do these 4 things to avoid it

Calcium is an indispensable element in the human body. It is an important part of the bones and teeth. Only with sufficient calcium content can the problem of osteoporosis and fractures be prevented. Especially after the age of 50, a large amount of calcium is lost. In this case, targeted calcium supplementation must be obtained. However, the doctor said that if you want to have healthy bones, calcium supplementation alone cannot achieve the best effect. At the same time, you must do the following things to avoid bone loss. I hope the middle-aged and elderly people will pay attention to it. 1. Persistence in exercise Persistence in exercise in daily life does help to slow down bone loss, such as Tai Chi, jogging and square dancing, which are relatively soothing methods more suitable for the elderly. Because relevant studies have found that it can promote the secretion of sex hormones such as estradiol and testosterone during exercise, which in turn helps to retain calcium and accelerate the synthesis of bone protein. In addition, exercise can improve blood flow to the cortical bone and prevent bone loss. 2. Supplemental nutrition For bone health, you need not only calcium, but also phosphorus, vitamin D, and collagen. Some people will preconceived that this is also the existence of maintaining skin elasticity, but in fact, collagen can also slow down the rate of bone loss. Collagen is divided into type 1 and type 2. Collagen in skin and bones is type 1. Therefore, middle-aged and elderly people can consume an appropriate amount of collagen-rich meat skin, pig trotters, chicken skin and other foods on weekdays. Slow down bone loss to some extent. The vitamin D supplementation method is very simple. In fact, it is to get more sun every day. Of course, don’t bask in the sun when the sun is too strong, otherwise it will easily damage the skin. Generally speaking, it is around 9:00 in the morning and 4 in the afternoon. :00 is more suitable. Finally, phosphorus is an indispensable mineral for bone growth. Middle-aged and elderly people should consume more foods such as beans, lean meat, egg yolk, and shrimp skin on weekdays. 3. Chinese medicine moxibustion mentions moxibustion. Everyone must know that moxibustion has many benefits to the body. It is also a popular health care method in recent years. In addition to removing moisture and opening up acupoints, it can also prevent calcium loss. caused osteoporosis. However, although moxibustion is very good, don't do it blindly, you must go to a formal place and have professional help moxibustion. 4. Regular inspection In the case of doing some basic measures, regular inspection of bone mass is also very important. Only in this way can you know whether the measures you have taken have worked. The following types of people are more likely to have bone loss problems, I hope to increase vigilance. 1. Women after the age of 45: Normally, after the age of 45, the ovarian function of women gradually declines, and the secretion of estrogen in the body decreases. will be lost in large numbers. 2. Smoking and drinking: Smoking and drinking for a long time will cause metabolic disorders in the body and affect the absorption of calcium. 3. Taking drugs: In the case of certain diseases, if you take hormones or anti-acid drugs for a long time, it is easy to accelerate bone loss. All in all, calcium supplementation is indeed one of the ways to prevent osteoporosis, but from a physiological point of view, calcium supplementation alone cannot achieve good results. Because with the increase of age and the influence of external factors, bone mass will continue to be lost, so remind everyone that if you want to prevent bone loss and supplement calcium, you must also insist on doing the 4 things mentioned above.

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