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Why can't children eat more hawthorn slices? You must know these three truths

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:34:38

Why can't children eat more hawthorn slices? You must know these three truths

Recently, some mothers have left messages for consultation: Are hawthorn tablets suitable for children to eat regularly? The elderly in the family say that hawthorn can digest food and is very healthy. It can be eaten by children. Many kindergartens and childcare classes also use hawthorn slices as snacks for children. This phenomenon is indeed quite common, so, can hawthorn tablets be given to children often? Can it play a role in digestion?

Are hawthorn slices a healthy snack?

Everyone has always thought that hawthorn slices are healthy food and are good for children. But the fact is not, hawthorn slices are not healthy snacks for children. Why is this? First, the sugar content in hawthorn slices is high. Everyone has eaten hawthorn, which is really sour, but the hawthorn slices made are sweet and sour. Careful parents looking at the ingredient list will find that the first ingredient is white sugar. How can this sweet and sour taste be so delicious if it is not neutralized by a large amount of white sugar? According to the relevant national standards, the sugar content of dried hawthorn tablets should be less than 85%. Let's interpret it from another angle, that is, the sugar content of dried hawthorn tablets is basically about 85%. Therefore, it is more appropriate to say that you are giving your child hawthorn flakes, and it is more appropriate to say that you are giving your child hawthorn-flavored sugar. Second, the health risks brought by high-sugar snacks Excessive sugar intake can greatly increase the risk of obesity in children. The potential harm of obesity is to increase blood lipids and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other related diseases. There was such a news: A 16-year-old child was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The reason is that parents are too indulgent in their children's diet and never restrict their children's consumption of high-sugar foods, which affects their health. The American Academy of Pediatrics and the American Heart Association recommend that babies under 2 years of age should avoid added sugars; babies over 2 years of age should not consume more than 25 grams of added sugars per day. Also, too much sugar can damage your teeth. Children's teeth are in the developing stage, especially for babies who are changing their teeth. If they often eat hawthorn slices that contain a lot of sugar, it will damage the enamel and corrode the baby's teeth. The health of children requires a daily scientific diet. If you eat too much sugar between meals, it will also affect your child's appetite. You don't want to eat at mealtime, and you get hungry again after mealtime. Over time, it is easy to cause irregular diet and insufficient nutrient intake, thus endangering health. Third, hawthorn cannot play a role in digestion. The original intention of parents to eat hawthorn tablets for their children is that they think that hawthorn tablets can play a role in digestion. In fact, hawthorn slices do not help digestion. why? We all know that the first level of human digestion of food is the secretion of salivary amylase by the human body, and then after entering the gastrointestinal tract, it relies on the peristalsis of the gastrointestinal tract and the secreted digestive juice to work together to achieve the purpose of digesting food. Hawthorn does not promote digestion and absorption. A normal child will adjust the amount of food on his own according to whether he is hungry or full. In order to let their children eat more meals, parents want to use hawthorn tablets to promote digestion. In fact, eating hawthorn tablets increases the child's satiety and reduces the intake of nutritious food. In addition, parents need to pay attention to the fact that hawthorn products contain fruit acid. Excessive consumption will lead to excessive secretion of gastric acid, which will stimulate the gastric mucosa and make the stomach uncomfortable. Children's gastrointestinal function itself is weak, which will damage the stomach and reduce digestive function. However, the fact that children should eat less hawthorn tablets with high sugar content does not mean that children cannot eat hawthorn. If they want their babies to eat healthy hawthorn products, mothers can make them by themselves. Let's introduce a method of making healthy hawthorn slices: 1. Wash fresh hawthorn in salt water, remove the core, and cut into pieces for later use. Wash and core apples and cut into small pieces for later use. 2. Pour the prepared hawthorn and apple into a clean food supplement pot, add water, and bring to a boil over high heat. Cook until the hawthorn and apple are soft and rotten, then let cool and set aside. 3. Do not add sugar to the baby, you can prepare an appropriate amount of red dates, remove the core, wash and cut into pieces for later use. Pour the cooled hawthorn, apples, red dates, and an appropriate amount of water for boiling the hawthorn apples into the food supplement machine and blend into a puree. Then pour the beaten fruit puree into the frying pan, turn on a low heat and fry slowly until the water is dry and sticky, and the pan is out. 4. Pour the fried sticky fruit puree into a baking pan lined with greased paper and spread evenly. Put it in the oven at 90 degrees and bake for an hour. Finally, the roasted hawthorn slices are pressed into various cute shapes with good-looking models. Sugar-free and delicious hawthorn slices are ready. Come and try it!

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