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This popular children's kitchen utensils may be hidden "time bombs", parents should pay attention

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:33:54

This popular children's kitchen utensils may be hidden "time bombs", parents should pay attention

At the beginning of the new semester, labor class has become a weekly compulsory course for primary and middle school students. Among them, the skill of "learning to cook" runs through the entire nine-year compulsory education stage. In response to the call, parents have begun to train their children to go to the kitchen and learn to cook at home. However, the conventional kitchen utensils in the home have certain risks and operational difficulties for children, so the children's kitchen utensils that are advertised as "really cooked and edible" exploded instantly, with tens of thousands of sets sold every month. "With a set of children's kitchen utensils in hand, you will no longer worry about whether your children can learn to cook." As everyone knows, these small kitchen utensils may have potential hidden dangers.

Children's kitchen utensils are frequent incidents

  • cuts
The size of children's kitchen utensils is small, but the functional configuration is full of internal organs Everything. There are also many stoves for burning fire, induction cookers for cooking, knives for cutting vegetables, and pots and pans for eating. Some parents commented: "The knife used in children's kitchen utensils has been cut, and the child used it for the first time, but he cut his finger and bleed a lot." Parents of children with similar experiences also left messages under the products, giving Reminder: Be careful when purchasing this product.
  • Scald
At present, there are two popular "mini real cooking" children's kitchen utensils on the market: the "earth stove type" with an open flame and the "induction cooker type" without an open flame. The first one: the "earth stove" with an open flame, the fuel used in this kitchen is mineral oil provided by the merchant. The relevant ingredients are not stated on the instructions for use, but it is emphasized that it will not cause an explosion. The staff of Anhui Fire Protection specially conducted a simulated safety test for this purpose. The firefighter in the video poured the mineral oil into the oil pan, and after 10 minutes of burning, the stove had obvious cracks, which was very scary. Afterwards, the firefighters put the vegetables into the pot. Due to the continuous high temperature in the pot, the hot oil splashed around, which could easily scald the children who were learning to cook. The second type: "Induction Cooker" without an open flame. This kitchen utensil can be plugged in and does not need to use an open flame. Many parents will feel that the safety factor is relatively high. In fact, this view is wrong. First of all, in this kitchen utensil, if there is a crack in the plug, deformation of the socket, or damage to the line, it will cause electric shock and leakage. Secondly, there are also testers who have done security experiments. In the process of boiling water in the induction cooker, as the water temperature in the furnace continues to rise, the thermometer near the furnace body shows that the temperature is as high as 230 °C. When browsing such products on the Internet, it is not difficult to find that most induction cookers have no thermal insulation measures on the handles and chassis. If the child accidentally touches it, it is inevitable to be scalded. Sharp-edged knives, dangerous combustibles, inferior sockets and wiring, easily scalded handles and chassis... The potential safety hazards of children's kitchen utensils should not be underestimated. Parents must pay close attention!

The qualifications of children's kitchen utensils are unknown

Douyin's 10 million fans Tua @ Dad Evaluation, bought 8 children's kitchen utensils from the market, and sent them to the laboratory for safety After testing, it was found that "3 models are 410 stainless steel, and the remaining 5 models are stainless steels of unknown brands." It can be seen that some children's kitchen utensils use fake stainless steel materials. This kind of stainless steel material is often of poor quality, poor corrosion resistance, paint peeling and rusting occur from time to time. Therefore, it cannot be produced as a food contact material. Dad's evaluation further pointed out: "7 of the 8 evaluation samples are Sanwu products, and the packaging is a perfunctory package." The "children's kitchen utensils" without the quality inspection mark, the cooked meals may be The dissolution of heavy metals seriously exceeds the standard and cannot be eaten. In addition, about "children's kitchen utensils" in the end is a toy? Or kitchen utensils? At present, the country has not issued a unified implementation standard. In the event of a safety accident, accountability is also a big issue. Therefore, "children's kitchen utensils" have hidden dangers of vague product attribute definitions and inconsistent qualification standards. I advise parents to give up decisively.

How to teach children to cook?

"Can't children learn to cook without children's kitchen utensils?" Of course the answer is no. First, respect the law of children's growth The Ministry of Education stipulates that primary and secondary school students of different ages have different home cooking tasks to master. Primary school students take 2 years as a stage, and the labor difficulty varies from easy to difficult, from choosing vegetables, washing vegetables, mixing vegetables, steaming, and cooking 2-3 home-cooked dishes. Middle school students can arrange breakfast, lunch and dinner by themselves, and can also complete 3-4 dishes in lunch/dinner independently. Second, cultivate children's strong interest "Interest is the best teacher." To cultivate children to learn to cook, you can start with the children's favorite baking. This one does not need to use an open flame, and the safety factor is relatively high; children can make a variety of small biscuits or cakes according to their own preferences, entertaining and cultivating interest. In fact, letting children learn to cook is not only to let children master a survival skill, but more importantly, to enhance children's sense of participation in housework, gradually develop a good sense of labor and literacy, and cherish the fruits of others' labor. "Children's kitchen utensils" are not recommended as the first choice for children to learn to cook because of the huge hidden dangers of safe use. Parents, don't blindly follow suit and buy!

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