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Long-term drinking or occasional drinking, which one is more harmful? The 2 major hazards caused are not a joke

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:10:43

Long-term drinking or occasional drinking, which one is more harmful? The 2 major hazards caused are not a joke

Many people in life have the behavior of drinking, especially when they relax on weekends, they will go to the bar to have a few drinks with friends, and they will also raise a glass to drink with friends and family during the New Year and holidays. However, it is necessary to understand the effects of drinking. If you are not suitable for drinking or have health problems, you should strictly abstain from drinking alcohol, otherwise it will affect the invasion of diseases. Many people have raised questions, which one is more harmful to the body, long-term drinking or occasional drinking? Long-term drinking or occasional drinking, which is more harmful to the body? The answer is obvious. If you drink alcohol for a long time and get a lot of alcohol, the liver needs to be busy with metabolism. If there is a lack of enzymes to break down alcohol, or the liver can no longer bear it, the risk of disease increases. And some people drink occasionally, if the amount of alcohol can be controlled well and the body can metabolize it normally, the impact can be reduced a lot. It can be seen that drinking behavior is always undesirable. Long-term drinking and heavy drinking will provide raw materials for the arrival of various diseases. Over time, the body will be worn down, and health may be lost. For this safe dose of drinking, you may wish to see what the safest amount of drinking is, and you should learn more about it. The safe amount of alcohol consumption is zero. Some people feel that drinking a few drinks occasionally is irrelevant. The liver can play a role in metabolizing alcohol without causing any harm to the body, but this is not the case. Some people's face turns red as soon as they drink a little bit of alcohol. In fact, it is because they lack the enzymes that break down alcohol. After drinking alcohol, alcohol stays in the body for a long time, and the metabolism is very slow. . If you can insist on abstaining from alcohol, and not drinking at all, you will naturally not get alcohol to affect you. Alcohol is listed as a class 1 carcinogen, and many cancers are also associated with drinking behavior. What are the dangers of drinking alcohol?

1. Causes liver disease

It is always more harmful to drink alcohol. Many people have liver disease invasion and this behavior is related. The liver is the main place to metabolize alcohol. After drinking alcohol, the liver is busy to metabolize, which will invisibly damage liver cells, resulting in cell degeneration and necrosis. Compared with non-drinkers, the risk of liver cirrhosis, alcoholic liver and fatty liver is greatly increased. improve. If you can resolutely do not drink alcohol, the pressure on the liver will naturally be reduced, and liver diseases will be effectively avoided.

2. High blood pressure

Drinking alcohol will also make people’s blood pressure fluctuate. If you want to stay healthy, the most important thing is to control various indicators stably. High blood pressure can be invaded by a variety of behavioral influences, including large mood swings, inappropriate diet, smoking and drinking. After alcohol is obtained, it will stimulate blood vessels and change blood pressure. Often, high blood pressure is combined with other factors. , may develop chronic disease. The harm of high blood pressure is extensive, and it will also bring a variety of complications. If you want to stay away from such diseases and protect your blood vessels as much as possible, you need to strictly abstain from alcohol.

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