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Those who insist on walking and exercising every day, how are they doing now? Most get these 4 benefits

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:07:01

Those who insist on walking and exercising every day, how are they doing now? Most get these 4 benefits

Many elderly people have decreased exercise ability, but do not want to stay at home for a long time, so they choose a low-intensity walking exercise to adjust, and insist on it every day, and what benefits can be obtained from this lifestyle, it is necessary to understand , and stick to it according to your needs. Of course, there are many key points in walking exercise that should be mastered, especially choosing the right place, controlling the speed when walking, and walking the right number of steps every day can promote health.

1. Improvement of systemic circulation

People who walk and exercise every day will find that the blood circulation of the whole body is maintained well, and more elderly people Faced with the problem of blood viscosity, blood vessels in some parts are easily blocked, resulting in poor blood supply and adverse symptoms. The walking exercise seems to be of little intensity, but in the process of continuous walking, the body follows the movement, which can make the blood flow faster and improve the systemic circulation. The blood and nutrients are provided to the organs and systems that need it, and the healthy state can be maintained. Those who are sedentary for a long time without any physical activity may have high blood lipids and cause diseases.

2. Immunity enhancement

Immunity enhancement is the benefit of walking exercise. If you want to have a good physical condition and activate the function of immune cells, in addition to regular daily work and rest, maintaining a good attitude, and eating properly, you must also exercise. There are many kinds of sports, and walking seems to be not very intense, but it can increase the amount of exercise, suitable for middle-aged and elderly people. In the process of walking, many parts of the body are also moved. With a certain amount of exercise, the immune cells function normally, and pathogens cannot invade when the resistance is good, so that the risk of disease can be reduced. Under the same conditions, people who have exercise and those who don't exercise have different physical qualities and are not troubled by diseases. Only then can they improve their quality of life and prolong their lifespan.

3. Good sleep quality

Improved sleep quality is a benefit that some people can see by walking and exercising. The quality of sleep deteriorates with age, the sleep time is too short every day, and you can't sleep at night, which will accelerate aging and affect endocrine. If you can exercise properly during the day, you will not only improve your physique and maintain your vital organs through exercise, but also increase your body’s sense of fatigue. If you feel sleepy to a certain extent, if you go to sleep in this state, you will find that your sleep quality will be much improved. Some people continue to not exercise, sleep quality is poor at night, over time will develop health problems.

4. Promote intestinal peristalsis

Many people suffer from constipation, do not go to the toilet for several days, and waste a lot of time when defecation. Suspected health problems, but also to determine whether it is related to the lack of intestinal motility. With the aging of the body, the peristalsis ability of the intestines deteriorates, and power should be provided when the power is insufficient, especially to supplement enough dietary fiber, water to meet the needs, and increase the amount of exercise. Walking exercise can speed up the peristalsis of the intestines, thereby promoting the excretion of feces. For people with constipation, they cannot sit for a long time. They should choose the exercise that suits them and persist patiently, and the subsequent defecation will be smoother.

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