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Why does prostatitis "target" you? Summarize 4 reasons why men should avoid

Posting time:2023-01-31 15:51:26

Why does prostatitis "target" you? Summarize 4 reasons why men should avoid

Men with prostatitis usually suffer from perineal pain, loss of libido, and abnormal urination. As for the causes of men's diseases, we should understand in detail and avoid the influencing factors that induce the disease, so as to protect the prostate and maintain health.

1. Excessive sexual indulgence

The reason why men develop prostatitis may be due to excessive sexual indulgence for a long time. For young men, they are energetic and have a stronger desire for sex, but they should be considered for health, and the frequency should be well controlled, but they should not have frequent sex. Some people do not pay attention to the problem, excessive masturbation, excessive indulgence, the penis is always engorged and erect. The prostate is also in a state of congestion. After congestion, it is easier for bacteria to invade, which may lead to infection and inflammation. To effectively prevent prostatitis, you should control the frequency of your sex life.

2. Lack of exercise

Sedentary for a long time, lack of exercise, poor physical condition, increased prevalence of various types of diseases, in addition to common chronic Disease, even male prostatitis is prone to appear. Because the prostate wants to maintain good function, it should maintain systemic circulation and normal metabolism through exercise, so that nutrients can be provided to major organs in a timely manner. And always sitting for a long time, in addition to the deterioration of the circulation ability, the heat dissipation of the private parts cannot be maintained well, and it is easy to raise the temperature to breed bacteria, and the bacteria may invade. sit.

3. Smoking and drinking

The reason why prostatitis occurs is that men always smoke and drink heavily. If you want to stay healthy, you should stay away from unhealthy lifestyles. People who do not leave the body with tobacco and alcohol tend to acquire a variety of harmful substances that will cause harm to the body. Among them, the functions of the prostate, liver, and lungs will be reduced to varying degrees. Once the vascular lesions around the prostate are accelerated, nutrients cannot be obtained in time, and prostate diseases will also be induced. In addition to prostatitis, the prevalence of prostatic hyperplasia and prostate cancer will increase relatively. Those who know how to take care of their bodies understand the dangers of tobacco and alcohol, and take good measures to quit, so that their health can be approached.

4. Spicy diet

Whether the diet is appropriate is closely related to health, but many people have misunderstandings, thinking that diet will only affect the health of the digestive system, but not other important organs Similarly, the function of the prostate will be reduced due to wrong eating behaviors, and the prostate is no exception. Some people don’t like spicy food. Long-term spicy food can stimulate the body and easily accelerate the production of inflammatory substances. Together with other factors, the risk of prostatitis is high. And always heavy taste, spicy diet, the prostate will be hurt.

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