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The bigger the appetite, the shorter the lifespan? Healthy eating, the key to pay attention to these 3 points

Posting time:2022-12-02 05:43:08

The bigger the appetite, the shorter the lifespan? Healthy eating, the key to pay attention to these 3 points

It should be clear about how diet can keep you healthy and prolong your life. Many people eat inappropriately for a long time, and they will get sick from the mouth, increasing the burden on the digestive system and making many indicators unstable. Therefore, we must start with diet and follow the correct principles in order to provide nutrients and stay away from diseases. Many people say that eating too much is not good for your health and will shorten your life. Is it true? Everyone's appetite is slightly different. Some people are full after eating a little, while others need to eat several bowls of rice. What is the reason for the size of the meal should be understood. In addition, control the amount of food according to the body's energy and nutritional needs. For normal adults, it is most suitable to have seven or eight minutes of fullness at each meal, which can obtain nutrients without increasing the pressure on the digestive system by eating too much. Metric control helps. Many people eat large amounts of food, feeling that bigger meals are better, which may provide too much energy and put you at risk of disease. But to judge the length of a person's lifespan, it is not enough to know only through diet, it should be combined with other aspects. How to arrange healthy eating? May wish to refer to these 3 points

1. Slow down the speed of eating

There are many principles of healthy eating that should be followed, such as the speed of eating Take control and eat slowly instead of eating too much in one go and overeating. Many people do not pay attention to this problem, thinking that eating fast can save time and will not have any impact on the digestive system, but they do not know that eating too fast food is not fully chewed, it is difficult to swallow and digest, and it will provide too much food because of fast access. Calories, there is a risk of eating too much and gaining weight. Some people's postprandial blood sugar and blood lipid instability are also related to this behavior. It is also necessary to control the speed and adopt a method of chewing and swallowing slowly.

2. Reasonable food collocation

A healthy diet requires a proper mix of meat and vegetables. There are many types of nutrients needed by the human body. If you do not pay attention to the correct collocation of ingredients, ensure that All kinds of nutrients are provided, which may lead to poor physical fitness and even health problems. Many diseases are caused by the lack of protein, vitamins or trace elements. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to the richness and diversity of ingredients, to cook more food every day, and to persevere to obtain comprehensive nutrition, naturally enhance resistance, and protect important organs, so that the more you eat, the healthier you will be.

3. Eat three meals on time

People who know how to take care of their bodies will pay attention to the rules in terms of diet, and eat food on time for three meals to ensure timely provision of energy and nutrition . Daily life activities require energy consumption, and you cannot always miss the best time to eat. Otherwise, you will often starve, stomach acid will stimulate the gastric mucosa and cause diseases, and it is easy to make blood sugar unstable and liver damage. And the two meals are too close together, which will increase the digestive pressure. Therefore, we must pay attention to the law of diet and eat on time.

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