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If diabetes is combined with heart failure, there will be these 4 discomforts, and people with diabetes should catch it

Posting time:2022-12-02 06:51:52

If diabetes is combined with heart failure, there will be these 4 discomforts, and people with diabetes should catch it

Diabetes is more than just a harm. Many people think that high blood sugar has little effect. If you eat less sweet things, the indicators will stabilize. However, they do not know that it has developed into a chronic disease. Adjusting your diet can only improve your condition, not fully restore your health. In addition, with the development of diabetes, failure to pay attention to disease control will cause damage to the heart, lead to diabetic heart disease, and finally lead to heart failure. What are the manifestations of diabetes with heart failure?

1. Cough

After diabetes occurs, blood sugar is too high, which is easy to accelerate blood vessels and neuropathy. Once the blood vessels around the heart are damaged, The function of this organ is reduced. And some people with diabetes and heart failure, the common manifestation is cough. Cough also has characteristics, mainly irritating cough, which leads to pulmonary congestion under the influence of heart failure, bronchial mucosa, alveoli, etc. are constantly stimulated, and there will be irritating cough. Mood swings, physical overwork, and sleeping at night will all lead to a significant cough and even more sputum secretion.

2. Fatigue

The mental state becomes worse, the feeling of fatigue, or even the limbs are sore, and heart failure should be suspected when these conditions occur. The heart maintains good function and sufficient power, and the blood circulation in other parts naturally remains normal. However, the continuous development of diabetes damages the heart, the function of this organ is reduced, the physical strength will decline, and the limbs are often weak. Once the blood supply to the heart is insufficient, the blood volume of other parts is also reduced, and the patient will continue to be in a state of fatigue and exhaustion. There is such a situation can not be careless, should be checked as soon as possible and take reasonable treatment measures.

3. Puffiness

The body is constantly undergoing circulation and metabolism, which will excrete excess water in time without inexplicable puffiness. But some people are not swollen because of the development of kidney disease, but because of heart health problems. As a more obvious feature of diabetes complicated with heart failure, we should pay more attention. At this time, after the heart is damaged, the pumping function is abnormal, the venous return is blocked, and many body fluids will be stored in the heart veins. Under the threat of disease, patients often have lower extremity edema. . As the disease progresses, blood pressure will change, and the body will retain water and sodium. It is necessary to improve heart function through treatment to maintain normal metabolism.

4. Poor breathing

A healthy person can breathe smoothly, obtain oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide all the time, so as to maintain normal life activities. However, in the case of aggravated diabetes and concomitant heart failure, the more obvious manifestation of the patient is that the breathing is not smooth. During the development of the disease, multiple indicators are unstable, and the oxygen and blood supply to the heart is insufficient, which will continue to damage myocardial cells, and subsequently lead to pulmonary congestion, and patients will have chest tightness, shortness of breath, and difficulty breathing. Even if you are not overworked and exercise in a calm state, you will still feel discomfort in your chest. These are disease warnings.

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