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A woman's uterus is not good, these 4 major abnormalities will "emerge", you must cherish yourself more

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A woman's uterus is not good, these 4 major abnormalities will "emerge", you must cherish yourself more

The uterus is an important organ unique to women, and it is also the main part of the fetus. A healthy uterus can have good fertility. At the same time, the endometrium sheds regularly, and there are so many days every month. However, many women's uterus is injured, and its function declines after lesions, and many signals will be sent out. Once a disease warning is found in the body, it is necessary to understand the specific cause and take reasonable treatment measures for the disease in order to recover as soon as possible.

1. Abnormal bleeding

There will be signals in the body when uterine lesions appear, and some people show abnormal bleeding, including increased menstrual blood volume , prolonged menstruation, and even irregular vaginal bleeding, these cases should be checked as soon as possible. Uterine fibroids, the development of cancer in the uterus may cause bleeding, and some people don’t care about the bleeding in the body, and may worsen the condition over time, the amount of bleeding will increase, and finally the blood will be lost quickly. other complications.

2. Abdominal pain

Most of the uterine lesions do not cause abdominal pain in patients, but some people are more serious, so they are characterized by abdominal pain. Repeated abdominal pain, in addition to suspected liver, pancreas or digestive system health problems, but also to determine whether there is a gynecological disease developing. Some women's uterus is invaded by tumor. As time goes by, the tumor develops rapidly and increases in size, which will bring compression and traction symptoms, so there is obvious pain. If there is a malignant tumor and the development speed is relatively fast, this situation will be obvious. Some people have uterine fibroids, red degeneration, and torsion of uterine fibroids, which can also cause acute abdominal pain.

3. Abnormal leucorrhea

Through the change of female leucorrhea, you can understand the health level. The leucorrhea of ​​a healthy female is egg white-like, transparent, and does not produce a special odor or Color changes. However, the female uterus is damaged and lesions are developing. Usually, the leucorrhea will be abnormal. The main feature is that the leucorrhea increases, becomes sticky, and even changes in color. Some people have bloody leucorrhea, which may be the development of gynecological problems. It is necessary to carry out a detailed examination to determine where the lesion is. If it is related to the damage to the uterus, it should actively cooperate with the treatment to avoid the aggravation of the disease and threaten the health.

4. Special lumps

In the case of uterine lesions, many people have special lumps in the abdomen. These lumps will become more and more obvious with the aggravation of the disease. The degree of pressure brings about problems such as pain, abnormal urination, and difficulty in defecation. Some people will feel back pain when the tumor oppresses the fallopian tubes. It can be seen that there is a sudden mass in the lower abdomen. Special attention should be paid to investigate the cause. It may be a health problem of the ovary, pelvis or uterus. Among them, the development of uterine fibroids, the development of cervical Cancerous invasion may appear special lumps. It should be controlled as soon as possible to prevent the mass from getting bigger and bigger.

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