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Gums often bleed, is it vitamin C deficiency? uncertain! Consider these 2 reasons

Posting time:2022-12-02 08:12:01

Gums often bleed, is it vitamin C deficiency? uncertain! Consider these 2 reasons

Bleeding gums is a common symptom of stomatology, mostly manifested as a small amount of bleeding. Generally, when chewing food and brushing teeth, you will feel a bloody smell in the mouth, and the spit out saliva is bloodshot. Of course, some people's gums bleed when they are slightly stimulated. A lot. It should be understood how bleeding is related to the lack of certain nutrients and should be supplemented as soon as possible. Of course, other disease factors can not be ignored to prevent the impact of excessive bleeding. Are bleeding gums a lack of vitamin C? The causes of bleeding gums are relatively complex, and many people feel that they are lacking vitamin C when they bleed, so they can improve by getting this substance. It is true that a severe lack of vitamin C in the body can lead to the appearance of scurvy, reduced ascorbic acid, damage to the gums, and can lead to bleeding, but this is rare now, and most people can get enough vitamin C from a normal diet, basically Rarely will there be a serious lack of impact. It is necessary to find out the reasons from other aspects, so as not to delay the disease due to wrong treatment. What are the causes of bleeding gums?

1. Plaque and calculus effects

Having gum bleeding This condition may be caused by poor oral hygiene, where dental Continued generation of calculus and more and more plaque bacteria, these conditions will stimulate local tissues, which will make the gums sensitive and fragile. When you do not rinse your mouth after eating or brush your teeth, the food residues in the mouth accumulate and adhere to the The soft dirt on the teeth accumulates over time, hardens and eventually forms calculus. Oral hygiene is still ignored, and the number of calculi is increasing, which may increase the prevalence of periodontal disease and gingivitis. These health problems continue to have an impact, and eventually the gums will bleed, and even swollen and painful gums. It can be seen that only by eliminating calculus and reducing the generation of plaque bacteria can the gum tissue be protected.

2. Development of systemic diseases

The development of many types of diseases can cause patients to be prone to gum bleeding. Systemic diseases have such hazards, including cardiovascular diseases. Diseases, abnormal liver and kidney function, tumors, diabetes, blood system diseases, these diseases are relatively difficult and difficult to treat, but there are not a few people who are sick. The main reason for the disease is that these health problems continue to develop. Improper response will lead to a decline in immunity and poor resistance to local stimulation, which may easily lead to gingival inflammation. In addition, some people have organic vascular lesions and dysfunction of the coagulation system, so it is more likely to show bleeding gums, and in severe cases, there will be gastrointestinal bleeding. From the above content, we can know that there are many reasons for gingival bleeding, which may be local factors or systemic factors, but few people cause gingival bleeding due to lack of vitamin C. Many types of foods in life contain this substance. As long as you eat regularly every day, and the meat and vegetables are properly matched, there will be basically no shortage.

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