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27-year-old myopia is as high as 12,000 degrees, refreshing the cognition of netizens

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:37:13

27-year-old myopia is as high as 12,000 degrees, refreshing the cognition of netizens

Recently, a "what kind of experience is 12,000 degrees of myopia" appeared on the hot search. A blogger shared the patients he encountered and posted that the 12,000-degree glasses worn by the patients had such a high degree that netizens felt that Shocked, some people even wonder if there is an extra 0

Myopia of 12,000 degrees really exists?

Theoretically, myopia of 12,000 degrees exists, and this vision is often accompanied by other diseases. However, in reality, such a high degree is relatively rare. Generally speaking, if the myopia exceeds 600 degrees, it is considered to be highly myopic, and if the myopia exceeds 1000 degrees, it is considered to be super high myopia. The eye axis is an important criterion for myopia. If the human eyeball is compared to a balloon, the higher the degree of myopia, the longer the eye axis. The axial length of normal people is between 22-24mm, while the axial length of people with super high myopia exceeds 26mm, and even reaches 36mm.

High myopia is more harmful to children

Many people think that high myopia is just because they can't see clearly and wear glasses with thicker lenses. , But in fact, high myopia will change the structure of the eyeball, the axis of the eye will be continuously elongated, the retina of the fundus will gradually thin, and different types of fundus complications will appear.

Prevention and control of myopia is the most important

Myopia is not scary, but the scary thing is that there is no prevention and control! When the child has not yet developed myopia, take precautions, teach the child to develop good eye habits and living habits, and regularly take the child for eye health examinations; and after the occurrence of myopia, parents need to take scientific measures of myopia control in time and actively intervene and correction to avoid the development of high myopia.

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