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What kind of milk sleep must be corrected? How to correct it? Here is the answer you want

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What kind of milk sleep must be corrected? How to correct it? Here is the answer you want

After becoming a mother, there are many things to worry about, and the baby's sleep problem is one of the very important issues. Many mothers have had such an experience. In order to let the baby sleep well, they will use the milk to sleep to soothe the baby's emotions, so that the baby can fall asleep quickly. This method works well, but has obvious drawbacks. As for what kind of milk sleep needs to be corrected? How to correct? Today we are going to talk about the topic of "sleeping with milk".

1. Which milk sleep needs to be corrected?

Nipple sleep is strictly divided into two types: "sleeping with milk" and "baby coaxing". "feeding to sleep" means that some babies only need to feed when they fall asleep, sleep well after falling asleep, and do not wake up frequently to find milk. "Milk coaxing" refers to the fact that the baby is not hungry before going to bed, but just needs to eat milk to coax him to sleep. In fact, he does not eat much. Compared with milk coaxing, babies who sleep on milk sometimes sleep well, even if there is not much milk at night, and their sleep during the day is also very regular. In this case, parents do not necessarily need to intervene and adjust, just continue to observe. In the following situations of breastfeeding, mothers should be vigilant, and see if intervention is required in the later stage: for example, the baby's sucking efficiency is very low, and after a few mouthfuls, he falls asleep; each breastfeeding time is very long; During breastfeeding, the number of times of effective swallowing is very small; I do not sleep without milk, and wake up when I stop breastfeeding; nap time is short during the day, and it is difficult to fall asleep... The reason why breastfeeding is not supported is because its biggest problem is: it will cause the baby's Poor sleep quality! Most babies who are breast-sleeping begin breast-sleeping after a sleep signal has appeared. At this time, the baby is already very tired, often not full, and even falls asleep after eating a few mouthfuls. It is difficult for a baby who is not full to sleep well, which leads to the problem of waking up soon after falling asleep at night and taking short naps during the day. In order to let the baby fall asleep quickly, the mother continued to breastfeed, and the sleepy baby fell asleep again without having enough to eat. If this continues, the baby will wake up frequently at night and take short naps during the day, which will eventually cause problems with the baby's digestive system, frequent night milk problems, and even affect the development of the brain. Of course, for babies of small months in the confinement period, breastfeeding is inevitable. Because the baby in the confinement sleeps for a long time and does not sleep for a short time, often the time when they do not sleep is the time when they are breastfeeding. Therefore, the baby in the confinement basically eats and sleeps, and sleeps and eats. In this case, the milk sleep is normal and does not require intervention.

Second, how to correct breastfeeding properly?

1. Try to separate "milk" and "sleep" as far as possible. Babies who are accustomed to breastfeeding actually use breastfeeding as a sleep cue, that is to say, they feel that it is time for breastfeeding. It's time for me to sleep. Mothers can try "separation of milk and sleep". That is, other activities can be incorporated between eating and sleeping. After the confinement, the baby's waking time becomes longer, and he can play for a while after feeding, so that he can be properly guided. During the day, mothers can schedule each feeding after waking up. Or, at least schedule feedings between naps. Burp your baby after feeding at night and hold him upright for about 20 minutes before falling asleep. This not only reduces the occurrence of spitting up, but also avoids breastfeeding. 2. Try different comforting methods when coaxing to sleep. Mothers can use breast milk to soothe the baby's emotions. After they calm down, they should evacuate in time, and then continue to comfort them with hugs and pats. Try it again and again, and use breastfeeding as a bedtime ritual rather than a bedtime companion. This step-by-step approach can help your baby gradually transition from nursing to falling asleep on his own. In short, there is no milk sleep that cannot be corrected, only the wrong way of comforting. 3. It is very important to find the right time to coax sleep. In order to make the whole comforting process easier, mothers should find the right time to coax sleep. For example, when the baby is just a little sleepy, parents start to coax sleep, so as to avoid the baby's over-fatigue . As the baby's growth and development period is different, the sleep signals displayed will be different. The common sleep signals are as follows: When the baby can control his head, the sleep signal displayed is: the baby's eyes will look from When people, things and things leave, they will crawl into the arms of adults when they are holding them; when the baby can control his limbs, the sleep signals shown are: the baby will blink, scratch his ears, and even scratch his own little baby. Face. When babies can control their torso, the sleep signals shown are: lack of coordination when playing, loss of interest in toys, and arching and leaning back when held. When the baby is able to crawl or walk, the sleep signals shown are: poor coordination, easy to fall, slip, or bump into other objects, and slide down when held. In addition to observing the sleep signals shown by the baby's body movements, parents can also pay attention to the baby's emotional and attention performance. Emotional manifestations: When the baby is sleepy, he will appear impatient, sometimes groaning, and sometimes become very excited. The performance of attention: When the baby is sleepy, he is not interested in his favorite toys, and he looks quieter.

Write at the end

Nipple sleep is not only a matter of sleep habits, it is also a feeding issue. In the matter of baby sleep, there are still many issues that need our attention. Doing it well will not only make the baby fall asleep completely, but also release the pressure of parents.

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