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Colon cancer is easy to "entangle" these 5 types of people, regular proctoscopy, or can escape

Posting time:2022-12-02 07:52:56

Colon cancer is easy to "entangle" these 5 types of people, regular proctoscopy, or can escape

Bowel cancer refers to malignant tumors that appear in the intestine, including colon cancer, colon cancer, etc. There are many reasons for the appearance of the disease. As the age increases, the incidence rate increases. It is necessary to understand the specific incentives and take correct preventive measures. Otherwise, the early symptoms of cancer will not be obvious and cannot be detected in time. It will be very difficult to control when the disease is serious. So, which types of people are easily targeted by bowel cancer and should be checked regularly?

1. People on a high-fat, low-fiber diet

The occurrence of bowel cancer is related to many reasons, and the prevalence of some types of people For example, if the diet is not appropriate for a long time, but it is not corrected in time, it will accelerate the arrival of cancer due to the decrease of intestinal function. It should be paid attention to the proper combination of meat and vegetables, and the nutrients needed by the human body can be obtained in time. Some people take a high-fat, low-fiber diet for a long time. Excessive acquisition of fatty substances will increase digestive pressure and affect appetite. As a nutrient needed by the human body, cellulose is deficient in the slow peristalsis of the intestinal tract, and the lack of power makes the feces and metabolic wastes unable to be excreted smoothly, which will indirectly affect the intestinal health. If you can clarify what wrong eating behaviors are, and correct them as soon as possible, in order to protect the intestines.

2. Heavy smokers

Many people have bowel cancer invasion and prolonged heavy smoking. People who don't leave the tobacco not only get harmful substances to cause damage to the lungs, but also affect the function of the intestines. Tobacco has complex components, most of which are harmful to the human body, and there is a risk of cancer. After entering the human body, it will reach multiple parts with the blood circulation, and eventually even the intestinal tract will be damaged. It can be seen that the harm of smoking is very extensive. If you want to reduce the incidence of cancer and improve immune function, you need to resolutely do not smoke.

3. People with a familial risk

have a familial risk for bowel cancer. If there are many people in the family with the disease, the others do not have health problems yet. Don’t be careless. You should conduct regular inspections to understand your own situation and deal with signs of disease in time to prevent serious diseases. However, many people are reluctant to spend money on medical examinations, thinking it is a waste of money, but with genetic factors as a prerequisite, cancer may invade and threaten health.

4. People with intestinal disease development

Improper response after intestinal disease invasion, delaying the disease may become more and more serious, especially those with intestinal disease Adenomatous polyps, this type of polyps are relatively dangerous and have the potential to continue to develop and eventually turn into malignant tumors. Therefore, if you find yourself with a gut health problem, you must identify its type, severity, and choose the appropriate treatment. Adenomatoid polyps should be removed by surgery as soon as possible, and chronic inflammation of the large intestine should not be delayed, and medication should be actively used.

5. Elderly people

Older people should focus on the prevention of bowel cancer. The prevalence of many types of diseases will increase due to aging and continuous aging. Except for Focus on the prevention of Alzheimer's disease, chronic diseases, bowel cancer is no exception. In the process of aging, the intestinal function will continue to decrease. In addition to poor digestion and slow nutrient absorption, many people also have a high incidence of serious intestinal diseases. To effectively reduce the risk of bowel cancer, it is best to have regular colonoscopy examinations after the age of 50. If the results are normal, you can check again every few years.

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