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People with bad liver have these 4 "weaknesses" on their faces, I hope you don't have any of them

Posting time:2023-03-24 08:07:02

People with bad liver have these 4 "weaknesses" on their faces, I hope you don't have any of them

Liver health problems should not be underestimated. Some diseases can be treated with effective methods at the beginning, but they will become more and more serious over time, and the scope of damage will expand, which will lead to more serious problems. At this time, related disease warnings It is necessary to first check and then cooperate with treatment. At the same time, start with life and change bad habits. Naturally, the damaged cells of the liver are gradually repaired, thereby enhancing their functions. What are the signs of a bad liver on the face?

1. Face of liver disease

The presence of liver disease can be determined by the signs of a person's face. A healthy crowd has a rosy, lustrous face, giving people a sense of vigor. However, there are various liver diseases, some of which are serious. During the continuous development process, the patient's liver cells will become degenerated, necrotic, and the bilirubin level will increase. If the disease is not controlled in time, it will cause jaundice in the future. There are many people who show liver disease face, the main feature is the change of facial skin color, giving people a dark yellow, yellow feeling, which is obviously different from normal skin color. Once this kind of liver disease face is discovered, it is necessary to seek medical attention as soon as possible, and deal with it as soon as possible after understanding the disease situation.

2. Increased pigmentation on the face

The causes of liver damage are very complicated. Staying up late, drinking a lot of alcohol, and inappropriate diet will all cause liver disease to invade. In the process of development, many people's facial pigmentation becomes obvious, which is likely to be caused by abnormal metabolism of the body. The skin is undergoing metabolism all the time, and the melanin produced in the case of good metabolism, other metabolic wastes can be excreted smoothly, thus maintaining the skin in good condition. However, the liver is damaged and the ability to excrete harmful substances is reduced, which will allow the accumulation of these melanin, so many people have more and more pigmented patches on their faces.

3. Yellow eye sclera

There will be no special changes in maintaining healthy eyes, but the whites of some people's eyes are not milky white, but yellow. This condition may be yellowing of the sclera of the eye. As a common feature of liver disease, lesions appear untreated in time. As time goes by, it becomes more and more serious, and finally more and more bilirubin is released into the blood, which will cause jaundice after the change of bilirubin index. Jaundice is relatively serious. In addition to changes in the color of excrement, urine, feces, etc., even the sclera of the eyes will turn yellow, which can be found by careful observation of the eyes.

4. Bloodless lips

Lips are an alarm for disease, and observing a person's lip color changes can roughly judge their health. People who know how to maintain adhere to good habits to take care of every organ in the body. The liver is well maintained, the supply of qi and blood is sufficient, the liver plays the role of storing blood, and natural nutrition is provided to the places where it is needed, giving people the feeling of good complexion and rosy lips. However, after the liver disease invades and develops, the supply of qi and blood is insufficient, the circulation cannot be maintained well, and the absorption of nutrients is hindered. Many people will show pale lips.

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