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When walking, does your knee suddenly "soft"? Don't guess, there are 3 possibilities

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:56:22

When walking, does your knee suddenly "soft"? Don't guess, there are 3 possibilities

Usually in the process of walking, you need to keep moving your knees. Therefore, elderly people should not walk for too long every day, otherwise it will accelerate the wear and tear of the knee joint and cause degenerative changes. In addition, some people find that their knees suddenly become weak during walking, showing similar soreness. This situation indicates which problems should be understood clearly. If the disease is indeed developing, it must be treated symptomatically and recovered as soon as possible.

1. Cerebral infarction

The knee suddenly becomes weak during walking. It is necessary to determine whether there is a cerebral infarction that is threatening health. Sometimes the special manifestation of the knee is not the disease here, but the health problem in other parts. The development of chronic diseases without active control, long-term smoking and drinking, and improper diet will accelerate the arrival of cerebral infarction, the blood vessels in the brain will gradually be blocked and narrowed, and subsequent circulation problems will cause the brain to be in a state of ischemia and hypoxia. In severe cases, cerebral infarction is induced. Common symptoms are dizziness, headache, nausea and vomiting, decreased language skills, and movement disorders. The function of the nerve center that controls movement is abnormal. Many patients will show limb hemiplegia, lose their balance during walking, cannot control their knees, and are prone to weakness.

2. Osteoporosis

As we age, we continue to age. During the aging process, in addition to changes in appearance, even bones and joints will age to varying degrees. If calcium is not properly supplemented to strengthen bones, the balance of calcium will be lost in the process of continuous loss, and finally calcium deficiency will induce osteoporosis. In addition to joints, people with osteoporosis have pain in the bones and are prone to fractures. Sometimes the knees will feel weak and weak during walking. Find this situation to understand the degree of calcium deficiency, and correct supplement through the guidance of a doctor. In addition, maintaining good habits at ordinary times, exercising properly, basking in the sun, and consuming high-calcium foods are all conducive to calcium supplementation.

3. Meniscus injury

Although people who exercise regularly can strengthen circulation, maintain good metabolism and enhance resistance at the same time, exercise should be done according to their ability , Step by step, and control the intensity according to your own situation, in order to avoid the negative impact of overdrafting the body. Some people often do strenuous ball games, or often go for fast and long-distance running. These sports are relatively strenuous and test a person's endurance. If they do not do warm-up work, or accidentally collide during exercise, they are prone to meniscus injuries. , tearing, etc. If the meniscus injury is not properly treated and the recovery is not good, the subsequent knee will easily become weak, and it will also be accompanied by symptoms such as limited movement and joint pain. To sum up, the causes of knee weakness during walking are relatively complex, but most of them indicate health problems. If the disease has invaded, it is necessary to treat it symptomatically, and at the same time maintain good habits to improve as soon as possible, otherwise the signal will be ignored, and it may become more serious and even lead to other complications.

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