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Can the "channeled" nose hair be pulled out directly? Whitening nose hair, pay more attention

Posting time:2023-01-31 08:55:13

Can the "channeled" nose hair be pulled out directly? Whitening nose hair, pay more attention

Many people care about their personal image. They usually take care of their skin, make up when they go out, and match their favorite clothes to ensure a good personal image. But sometimes the lack of attention to some details can make a big difference in your image, such as long nose hair, but not properly trimmed. To find this situation, you must first understand the reason why the nose hair grows quickly and grows. Some people's nose hair grows very fast, it doesn't take long for it to grow, and even the nostrils are exposed, giving people the feeling of being sloppy and unsanitary. The reason for this performance may be due to genetic factors, especially the parents have relatively strong hair and thick hair, and the hair on other parts of the body is relatively thick, jet-black, and grows fast. In addition, the level of body hormones also affects hair growth. If there are more male hormones secreted, usually nose hair, hand hair, foot hair, etc. will be thicker, and the growth rate will be faster. Can the nose hair be removed? Whether the nose hair is too long can be directly pulled out, this is the knowledge to be understood. Some people see that their nose hair has grown a lot and feel unhygienic, so they directly pull it out. For health reasons, this behavior is not advisable. Because in the process of pulling out the nasal follicle hair, you will feel a tingling sensation in the nasal cavity, and directly pulling out will damage the mucous membranes and hair follicles. , and then feel the pain in the nasal cavity. And damage to the mucous membranes and hair follicles is easy to allow bacteria to invade, and there is a risk of infection and disease. The correct way is to use special tools to trim them properly, do not cut them too short, let alone pull them out directly. What's the matter with the whitening of the nose hair? Some people observe their own nose hair and find that the original black nose hair has turned white, but it is not clear what it implies. In fact, white nose hair may be a sign of aging. It gradually ages with age. After the age of 60, it has entered the stage of old age, and the hair in many parts may turn white, except for gray hair, nose or hands and feet. It may turn white, which is a sign of aging, and you can actively fight against aging without worrying too much. In addition, some people have insufficient nutritional intake, inappropriate diet for a long time, and the raw materials for melanin synthesis cannot be provided in time, which may lead to a decrease in the amount of melanin synthesis. To sum up, the reasons for the long nose hair are relatively complex, but if this is the case, trim it properly and do not pull it out by yourself, otherwise the nasal mucosa will be damaged, and many adverse consequences will have to be borne. And you don't need to be too nervous when you observe that your nose hair turns white, because white nose hair is mostly a sign of aging, as long as you maintain good habits to fight aging.

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