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These 4 wrong sleeping methods, if you change them as soon as possible, are easy to be "favored" by longevity

Posting time:2022-12-03 10:41:40

These 4 wrong sleeping methods, if you change them as soon as possible, are easy to be "favored" by longevity

The human body must have enough sleep time every day in order to stay full of energy, while maintaining the body and improving the function of the organs. However, many sleep methods are inappropriate, and some cannot sleep, and if they sleep too much, they will harm the body. If you don’t understand it, going to sleep at any time will interfere with the biological clock over time, and even cause diseases. So, for the sake of health, which sleep can't sleep?

1. Long naps

You need to master the methods to get the benefits of sleep, among which long naps are not desirable behaviors. Some people have poor sleep quality at night, so they choose to take a proper nap during the day to make up for the lack of rest time, so as to keep the afternoon full of energy. However, it is not that the longer the nap is, the better. If you sleep for a long time, the day and night will be reversed. If you are full during the day, it will be difficult to feel sleepy at night, you will not be able to fall asleep peacefully, and the normal biological clock will not be maintained. Even if you want to take a nap during the day, you should control the time, try not to exceed an hour.

2. Sleeping late in the morning

Sleeping late in the morning, obviously falling asleep early, but still not getting up at eight or nine in the morning, relying on the bed, the behavior of sleeping late, is harmful to the human body Bad health. According to the physical needs of adults, seven to eight hours of sleep per day is the most suitable. If it is always more than nine hours, sleeping too long will have an impact. Being in a sleep state for a long time cannot really relieve fatigue. Instead, it will interfere with the normal sleep cycle. Even because of the low amount of physical activity, the metabolism rate is slow and gradually fattening, which will affect the subsequent changes of multiple indicators. You can't lack sleep for a long time, and you can't always be in a sleep state.

3. Go to bed immediately after meals

Going to bed after a full meal can easily lead to diseases, and this sleep method is not recommended. Some people feel sleepy after ingesting food. They feel sleepy after a meal is a healthy way to maintain health, but they don’t know that they are busy with digestion at this time, and their stomachs feel full. Sleep is also affected by slow digestion and gastroesophageal reflux. After eating, you should be active for half an hour and wait until the digestive pressure is relieved before going to sleep.

4. Go to sleep with emotions

Going to bed with emotions is a common situation for some people. When encountering difficulties, they avoid unpleasant things. Reduce stress by sleeping. However, when people are in a bad mood, people will think wildly, and the brain nerves are highly excited, and it is easy to become more excited the more they think, which leads to insomnia. In this state, few people can fall asleep peacefully. If you don’t solve things and eliminate anxiety and negative emotions, you often lie in bed for a long time and still can’t sleep, which will also have an impact over time. You need to keep your body and mind relaxed, and then go to sleep when you are sleepy.

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