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Eating without brushing your teeth in the morning will eat bacteria into your stomach? Finally got the answer today

Posting time:2023-03-24 10:31:12

Eating without brushing your teeth in the morning will eat bacteria into your stomach? Finally got the answer today

Maintain a good tooth brushing habit, brush your teeth before going to bed and after getting up, use the toothbrush correctly, and clean in all directions, which can reduce the generation of plaque and bacteria, and at the same time remove the food residues attached to the gap between the teeth and the alveolus, fresh breath, keep clean, and eat , Drinking water will not feel nausea. But some people eat directly in the morning without brushing their teeth. Is this behavior eating bacteria? After getting up in the morning, most people brush their teeth, wash their faces, keep clean and hygienic before going to breakfast. However, some people reverse the order and keep their mouth clean by eating first and then brushing their teeth. Otherwise, after brushing their teeth and eating again, some food residues are hidden in grooves, between teeth, etc., and feel that the previous brushing is a waste. Kung Fu, however, whether this behavior ingests bacteria should be known. There are indeed many bacteria and microorganisms distributed in the human oral cavity, including fungi and some viruses. Some people have obvious bad breath when they get up, and eating without brushing their teeth will affect their appetite. Therefore, it is best to do a good job in oral cleaning and keep your breath fresh before eating breakfast. Otherwise, if you do not brush your teeth and eat, many microorganisms and bacteria in the oral cavity will enter the digestive system with food. More and more, it is easy to form dental calculus, which will destroy the oral health environment and increase the prevalence of periodontal disease and gingivitis. It doesn't matter if you don't brush your teeth and eat, why? Relevant studies have found that there are many types of microorganisms in the human oral cavity, which have always maintained an ecological balance and will not have any impact. Only the increasing number of certain bacteria that are unfavorable to health will cause oral health problems, such as dental plaque bacteria. . And usually pay attention to other hygiene issues. Even if you eat without brushing your teeth, this ecological balance will not be broken. In the future, as long as you rinse your mouth and brush your teeth in time after eating, you can keep your mouth clean. Therefore, according to your own personal Habits require a choice. You can eat after brushing your teeth, or you can brush your teeth after breakfast, without any significant impact on your body. From the above, we can understand that most people are used to brushing their teeth before eating after getting up, in order to freshen their breath and maintain a good appetite. But even if you eat without brushing your teeth, you won't get sick due to the influence of bacteria. As long as you eat properly, rinse your mouth and brush your teeth after eating, your health is just as guaranteed. However, the care and maintenance of the oral cavity should be paid attention to. Don’t eat sweet things before going to bed, and brush your teeth should not be too casual. It should be cleaned in all directions, and at the same time, reduce the intake of spicy and irritating food, so as to protect the gums and teeth and have a healthy mouth. surroundings.

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